How is this possible?! or Belor Design Line Style (black)

The photo:
Detailed opinion:
Am i surprised Not. I'm just shocked! The most budgetary eyeliner, however, will give odds to its more expensive colleagues. Her friend advised me when I complained to her that I could not find a normal eyeliner, they dry out very quickly, then they dye poorly, then they are smeared, they just touch the eye and, as without it, flow. In general, you need to hunt for good eyeliner.
Mildly about the eyeliner itself: it does not flow, draws a clear line, does not rub off and does not smear if you accidentally rub the eye, the color is saturated black (there is also blue and brown), it is not felt on the eye.
I don’t want to bore stories, it’s better to demonstrate.
The rod is very convenient, if you want - draw narrow arrows, if you want - wide, it all depends on imagination, preferences and mood.
In addition (another plus), after the eyeliner has dried out well, and it is already hard to paint with it, you can pull out the rod and turn it over. Voila, again, as new!

Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
On the hand:
For clarity:
1- Just eyeliner without any impact on it.
2-Slice shabby under water (by the way, eyeliner is NOT waterproof if long hold it under water, it will wash off) The conclusion is that it will not float when it rains and snows. .
3-Piece, which I rubbed my finger hard and for a long time.
Further before our eyes:
without carcass
with mascara
And such an experiment
Test period:
1 year
Thank you for your attention, I hope I did not bore you. My name is Tanya, to me on "you".

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