How to choose a bronzer for Snow White?

Hello, my darlings!
Again, I ask you for help - this time I decided to buy myself bronzing powder. But the question is not easy, because I have very fair skin and I would not want to look unnatural.

To make it clearer, the Lank tones for me are all dark, even the lightest, in MAS I take NC15 tones with a yellow undertone. Now I use BB creams and, accordingly, I’m getting even a bit lighter.
Here are my winter photos, where all my pallor is clearly visible:
I apologize for the bags under the eyes - I didn’t get enough sleep, there were also small swelling
and here I am in the midst of "negroism" - in the middle of summer I’ve been sunbathing in the sun for a week and a half - and still I’m the leader of pale-faced, not red-skinned
What would I like to get from a bronzer?
- matte or satin finish - I would like it to highlight the skin, but I don’t really want shimmer powder - I have such a bronzer, but we could not make friends with it.
- not orange
- quite light, but to still function as a bronzer
- It would be ideal if it consisted of several colors, so that you can vary the intensity and shade
- the price does not matter (I'm going to give it to myself for my birthday)
I hope that you will help me and I can fulfill my dream!

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