Essence - color & go quick drying nail polish

Hello. I decided to show you some Essence varnishes.
I like Essence varnishes, because they have small bottles, convenient, flat small brushes, the shades are quite diverse, and they are inexpensive.
Here is the first shade itself: It is applied very easily, dense, bright and at the same time not annoying.

In the photos, the varnish is in two layers, lasts about a week without chips, I do not use additional coatings. It is easily removed from the nail without much effort.
The following shade: Perhaps the most beloved Essence that I have. The bubble looks a bit lighter than on the nails. The application is the same as the previous one, that is, no complaints.
Further: The photo was a little unsuccessful, just in case I’ll write - 34 Walk of fame. The color is absolutely incomprehensible, it looks different under different lighting, sometimes gray, sometimes lilac, sometimes brown, but I like it. I don’t really like bright colors, because I get bored very quickly, and such shades like this one I like, do not catch my eye, muffled in general.

And further: Such is the direct color of zelenka. It’s very unusual for me to see him in my arms, green doesn’t suit me at all, but I always want something green, so I decided to use it in manicure. The application is also no different from the previous ones, it is pleasant for them to paint, but only in two layers, in one it is slightly heterogeneous. But I’ll hardly say good things about removing it from the nails. It was very difficult for me to erase it, it is smeared on the fingers, and the nail itself has a light greenish tint ... It feels like it was doused with brilliant green.
The next two are already mother-of-pearl.
The first: An interesting color, shimmers with green and purple, for a long time I did not wear it, but should stay for a long time like all other Essence varnishes. It is difficult to paint, as the mother of pearl, and strips remain. Well, in the bubble it looks the same as on the nails. It is erased without problems.
And last: I bought it, in search of the perfect golden hue, so that it looked like foil, as a result of exactly what I was not looking for, I bought this one. In principle, I was not upset, nor pleased, I don’t like how it looks on my hands, it’s aging or something. When you apply, there are also stripes, mother of pearl all the same. The bubble is slightly goldener than when applied.
All varnishes cost about 80 rubles, the quality at this price is excellent, at 5.
This was my first post, I hope you were interested.
My name is Masha :)

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