Truly vibrant colors with Rimmel Lipstick Kate 13 & 02

I liked the lipsticks of this series so much that I could not resist and bought, in addition to the wearable red, which I described here a couple more. This shade is 02 - fuchsia, and 13 - coral, both very bright, almost neon. In one store they seemed to me too crazy, and in another store there was a normal light;) They are not too popular, since few decide to buy such bright colors for every day.
The photo:
Detailed opinion:
Very nice case, made of matte plastic, with an embossed crown on the lid. Lipsticks smell pleasantly of something caramel, almond, incomprehensible, but the smell is very pleasant. Lipsticks are very pigmented, so they are consumed very slowly, it seems that their 5 years is enough. It is applied gently, completely covers the lip pigment, leaves a creamy finish, which disappears after an hour, leaving matte lips. It does not imprint on the lips, but if it is smeared on the skin, it is difficult to wipe. It slightly dries the lips according to the sensations, but not critical, with the lipstick after applying the lips look more even. smooth, beautiful =) It is worn all the way, it erases a little when eating, on the inside of the lips, it is easy to touch up and wear on.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
It is seen that very pigmented, but not dry
This is shade 02 - fuchsia
This color looks very good with pale skin with a bluish tint. Color is great for spring, however, this is such a product that you have to pick up clothes just for lipstick, and not vice versa.

And this is shade 13 - coral.
This shade is summer, which will look much better with tanned skin. He makes pale skin gray. It is impossible to imagine without bright colors in clothes and accessories =)

Price: 60 UAH
Test period: from 3 months to 1 week

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