Organic Shop Organic Jojoba & Orchid Color Shampoo - Reviews

I decided to share with you about three products of organic origin (according to the manufacturer, of course) of the Organic Shop brand.
My young man bought a mask and gel for me in Moscow, because in my city (Nizhny Novgorod) for a long time I could not find the products of this company. Then by chance in one of the pharmacies I came across a shampoo.

1. Organic Shop Organic jasmine & jojoba Hair mask. 250ml.

The smell of the mask is very pleasant, it really smells of jasmine, but it does not linger on the hair. I apply it 2 times a week on clean hair in length. I keep it for 5 minutes and wash it off. The hair is washed well, it does not remain a film, does not stick locks into icicles. After a month of use, I noticed that the hair became softer and a shine appeared. Her volume is decent, I have enough for 6 months for sure. Well, the price of 150r pleases.

Rating: 5
2. Soothing Shower Gel Organic Shop Ogranic lavender & iris. 280ml

The gel does not give a plentiful foam, but I forgive him for the fact that the skin does not tighten after the shower. You can’t even use a cream, which is rare for me. How many shower gels have been tried - always then the skin required additional hydration. The smell of lavender is very relaxing, especially before bedtime. I abandoned all my gels, now I use only it. And he also has a very convenient dispenser)

Rating: 5
3. Shampoo bright color Organic Shop Ogranic orchid & jojoba. 280ml

I hunted for this shampoo for a long time. Not in vain. Like the two previous remedies, the smell is very pleasant, not a hint of chemicality. The foam is not very plentiful, but enough for me (I always soap 2 times). I paint with henna Lush, used to use their washers, but they wash the color strongly. For this shampoo this is not noticed. 2 weeks ago henna was painted, the color is like new. It gently affects the hair, sometimes I use it without a balm, nothing gets confused and does not dry. The only negative to the manufacturer is the lack of at least some dispenser on the tube.

Rating: 5 - (minus for the lack of a dispenser)
The price of all funds is from 120 to 200 rubles, which pleases. I also want to try scrubs and body creams, I will look)
I am Katya, you are with me :)

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