H&M "My lovely lipbalm - coconut & mango"

Good day to all members of the community!
Now - soon the summer will come, and once, passing by "H&M", I decided to still run there. And here is what I found there: lip balm from H&M "My lovely lipbalm - coconut & mango".

- The full name of the product in the manufacturer's language:
H&M "My lovely lipbalm - coconut & mango".
For some reason, I always wanted to try their makeup, and now my eyes fell on bright jars.
- Fragrance:
When choosing lip balms, I always turn my attention to aroma. Opening the jar, I felt a pleasant and at the same time such a close fragrance to me (such a fragrance was in the solarium, which I constantly visited at home), and of course I wanted to take it, let it be a small reminder of the house For some, the smell may seem sharp and too sweet, but I'm a lover of all the sweet. The aroma is felt, probably 5-10 minutes, then the smell disappears completely. Most of all I feel the aroma of coconut, and I want to eat it!
This is how the packaging looks:

I must say, I am a lover of balms in jars, and, of course, I use them only at home. I always apply with a finger, I do not use a brush.



- Detailed view:
The balm did not leave behind a terrible strip on the lips (and this often happened to me and was very annoying), there was no feeling of stickiness, the lips were moisturized enough. I didn’t rub off my lips for about two hours. If there was an opportunity to find the same house, I would certainly have taken it!
-Producing country:
9 gr.
-Term of use:
2 weeks.
1.95 euros.
Have a nice weekend!

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