Darphin Vital Protection Age-defying Protective Lotion SPF 50 Reviews

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Today we will focus on Darphin sunscreen. There are very few reviews about him on the Internet, so I think that the post will be useful to fans of this brand. So, to whom it is interesting, I ask under kat.
Darphin Vitalprotection Age-Defying Protective Lotion SPF 50
What the manufacturer promises:
Ultra-light, weightless veil for any skin type. Provides maximum protection for the SPF50 against UVA / UVB sun rays that cause premature skin aging. Effectively combats negative environmental factors. Increases the protective functions of the skin, strengthens the protective barrier. Perfect makeup base. Dermatologically tested.
I’ve already thrown out the box, I found only information from the site
The innovative VITALSKINCOMPLEX ™ complex contains protective screens and mineral filters:
1. The biological screen provides a powerful antioxidant extract of Edelweiss. It neutralizes free radicals, restores long-term antioxidant protection of cells;
2. Enzymatic screen - an innovative ingredient Venuceane ™, which enhances the natural protective functions of the skin;
3. The cell screen, thanks to the Transluce component, repairs damage to the DNA structure,
Mineral filters
Delicate floral aroma with notes of jasmine, rose and citrus.
My opinion:
This cream was advised to me by consultant Darfen. The purpose of use was good sun protection and, most importantly, preventing the appearance of pigmentation on the skin (every summer I get covered with a huge amount of freckles) and wrinkles. Baptism of fire cream took place in the Dominican Republic, last spring, when the skin was not yet accustomed to the active sun. The cream coped with its task by 70%. I didn’t get burned, but got a beautiful even tan, not different in intensity from other parts of the body. Freckles crawled out, but in a much smaller amount than usual. The appearance of new wrinkles was not noticed.
The consistency of the cream is light, not sticky, one press of the pump is enough for the face and neck, after application the skin glistens for about 10 minutes. It does not clog pores. Do not bleach. This cream was not used as a basis for makeup, because I almost never use tonal means except for powder, but I think that will do. Has a pleasant floral smell. The bottle lasts a long time, with a long summer season it is not over yet.

After 5 minutes, it is clear that the skin has become dull
It’s a good sunscreen, it doesn’t work miracles, but it copes well with promises. I will look for alternatives to this cream, because biting price. I do not exclude the possibility of returning to it, because Darfen love dearly.
Rating:4+ (nevertheless, freckles were not completely prevented)
Price: about 70 euros (in Italian pharmacy)
Term of use: About 8 months
Thanks for attention.
I am Svetlana