Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine Radiant Colors - reviews

Hello girls!

Today I will tell you about a spontaneous and very pleasant purchase!
I know that there are already a lot of posts about this brilliance, but in connection with a pleasant action in the Letual store, I decided to remind you of this handsome one:

Having learned about the action, that same evening I rushed to the store, ran after some bright shine to Chanel, and decided to take Dior to him in a pair. But having touched the whole assortment of Chanel, I realized that I didn’t like anything, I intuitively went to Guerlain ... My Rose In Bloom was waiting for me there ... Before that I was not interested in this shine, I’ll tell you more, he didn’t catch me at all ! But seeing him firsthand, I fell in love at first sight !!! Yeah ...
So here it is:
The photo:
Detailed opinion:
This is my first glitter from Guerlain. Anyway, I don’t have much shine so far ...
Therefore, buying this shine, I had no idea how it would behave on the lips. But he did not disappoint me, and here's why:
• case: I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about one detail in this brilliance! Namely, the neck of shine. In the photo below I will show you why! In general, Guerlain’s design always impresses me)))
• brush: Well, a brush, like a brush. A bit more comfortable than the Dior shine. And so, in principle, it suits me!
• aroma: delicious. I already know this smell, so the sweets in my travel set Gerlen smell.
• Colour: ohhh ... this is the most delicate color !!! For me, pale pink peach !!! Very, very tasty in appearance !!! And it has an amazing golden shimmer! (which, as it seemed to me, goes to silver on lips ...)
• texture: Shine is thick. I even liked it. It does not spread, but sits like a nail. It is possible that a large shimmer, girls with more sensitive lips, will feel! But I do not pay attention to him.
• stickiness: for me it is less sticky than the shine from Dior. Perhaps it is simply because it is thicker in consistency.
• durability: how nailed! I applied it at 8 am, at 11:30 I experienced a snack and after that the gloss (most likely of course a shimmer) was present on my lips !!! in general ... it is only erased with a napkin; the whole thing does not disappear completely.
• comfort: I am comfortable! I know that this shine will not let me down.
• profitability: um ... it’s difficult to talk about profitability when you have a lot of pleasant lip products in your arsenal ... Therefore, I have this friend for a long time.
Now I propose to switch to swatch:
brush: (here it is the neck ... I don’t know why, but I really like it ...)

Price: somewhere around 1300 without a discount, I also got a share, as if as a gift)))))
Test period: 4 days.
Thank you all for visiting, viewing and reading!
Your sasha!

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