Helena Rubinstein Wanted Gloss Reviews

Another sparkle in my collection.

Detailed opinion: Glitter can be compared with the glitters of Chanel Scintillantes in texture. The gloss of Helena Rubinstein is just as pleasant on the lips as the gloss of Chanel Scintillantes. In the shine there are very small sparkles that can not be felt on the lips. Lips do not dry, but rather moisturizes and cares for the skin of the lips. Very comfortable to wear. Gloss is not sticky. The durability is not so hot of course, but on the lips it can be easily observed for two hours. For application of gloss in the tube there is an applicator, slightly longer than usual and slightly inclined to the side, which makes the application of gloss more uniform and convenient.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

On the lips ...

Price: 27 €
Test period: 3 months
Thanks and all the best!

Watch the video: How to apply : WANTED ROUGE (February 2020).