My lip care

Good evening, residents of the Beauticians!
And outside the window is the month of May (s), but the problem of dry lips excites no less. I want to share with you my impressions of different lip products.
Here is my collection (+1 in text)

My lip skin is dry, reactive. A little bit wrong - just peeling and cracking. And yet, oh horror, I gnaw my lips. I'm trying to wean myself, but so far it’s not working out. Therefore, lip balms are my faithful friends and helpers.
1. Nuxe Reve de Miel (Honey Lip Balm) (15 g)
Known to many balms with a honey-citrus smell in a heavy glass jar. He sang a lot of od on the Beautician, but here's another one. He is undeniably good. Probably the best remedy for running lips. The only "but", it is not too comfortable to wear during the day, because lipstick can not be put on it.
But it doesn’t bother me. I smear my lips with this balm for the night and go to sleep. In the morning, soft, smooth lips, without peeling and cracks.
This balm has saved me more than once, and in spite of a long search and a considerable arsenal, I still return to it.
There is a lot of balm, his consumption is economical, one jar is enough for a very long time. That already manages to get bored.
Rating: 5.
Estimated Price: £ 9.50
2. Lavera Lip Balm (4.5 g)
The organic brand offers a completely natural lip balm with almond, shea and jojoba oils. It smells of honey.
Balm in stick, and this is very pleasing. Because you can take it with you in your purse and use it in the cold and wind.
The action is very similar to Nuxe. Also perfectly softens and heals lips. The only thing is that you need to smear the new stick, and after that it glides very gently on the lips. It remains on the lips for a long time (but it seems to me that this is a common feature of all oil balms).
Sadness happened to my balm. He probably melted, and the field of this surface ceased to be smooth. This did not affect the properties of the balm.
I don’t put it on lipstick for the same reasons as Nuxe - the lipstick will slide down.
Rating: 5- (for melting)
Estimated price: approx. 4 pounds
3. Caudalie Lip Conditioner (4 g)
Also a product well-known to many.
It smells gently, a little sweet. On the lips, the smell does not last long.
A solid stick that melts and gently spreads on contact with the lips. For a long time I was my favorite, despite the fact that although the manufacturer promises food, there is no food as such. He did not save me from peel-cracking, but he protected me from new ones. And lipstick just fits perfectly on him. Absorbed quickly.
Rating: 4+
Estimated price: approx. 5 pounds
4. Hlavine Love Line Eye & Lip Cream
White thick cream, smells like a cosmetic product.
They gave me this cream. I tried to put it under my eyes, but for me it was too thick. But when applied to the lips, a miracle happened. I have never had lips so saturated with moisture. The skin of the lips is smoothed, the wrinkles are straightened. The cream is absorbed quickly, leaving no taste, no smell, no film. Lipsticks fall on him perfectly.
Now this is my favorite among daytime lip products.
Rating: 5.
I don’t know the price, because present.
5. Figs & Rouge Organic Cherry Vanilla Balm (7 g - probably with a jar)))
What is good in this jar is the jar itself: a small, tin washer, rather small, embossed, I want to twirl it in my hands.
I read a lot of rave reviews about Figs & Rouge balms, but I got my own jar of code, I was disappointed. Instead of cherry and vanilla, the balm smells like menthol. I also smell (for a long time) on my lips, and a chill and tingling that are unpleasant for me (although cosmetologists say that it’s good on the contrary, they say that blood is better poured on my lips, it nourishes them better, but even such an idea cannot reconcile me with menthol ) Especially vile when this menthol gets on taste buds.
I didn’t notice any special care on my lips. In the jar, the balm is solid, and when it melts, there are small lumps. I have a little film on my lips. After him, after half an hour, I want to apply something more, more nutritious and fat.
But it works great as a tool for the cuticle and elbows))
Rating: 4 (for soft elbows)
Estimated Price: 3.5 lbs.
6. Korres Lip butter Guava (6 g)
I bought this butterfly to replace Nuxe for the night. It is difficult to carry it with you, because it’s not always convenient to use your finger.
He copes with the problem of dry chapped lips, but longer than Nuxe. Therefore, it is better to leave it for the period when the lips are more or less in good condition and they only need food, and not even healing.
But how it smells magical! I don’t know how the guava smells, but Korres smells something sweet and incredibly tasty (tried it - not tasty :)).
The batter is quite sticky on the fingers, but on the lips it heats up and becomes imperceptible. Although if you apply a lot of it, a white coating will be noticeable.
In general, I would advise Korres colored butterflies, nor will they look after the day perfectly. But as night care, this one is better; the pillow will not smear.
Rating: 5-
Estimated price: 6 pounds
7. Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (10 g)
A pretty decent moisturizer that is squeezed out of a petroleum jelly-like sausage from a hole in a rounded nose. Goes well under lipstick. Almost leaves no film.
But again with menthol. Although in this case, menthol leaves the lips quite quickly.
The composition is chemical, there is a little shea butter.
Rating: 4.
Estimated price: approx. 2.5 pounds
8. Belor Design Pilling Lip Renewal
I don’t know what I was hoping for when I bought this pilling. Probably wanted some kind of inexpensive pampering, and then he turned up.
Pilling in stick. Such a balm with scrubbing particles. Naturally, in my neglected case, it does not help at all. I even got a toothbrush massage like a dead poultice. At first I even almost threw him away, and then I decided that let her be, she won’t do any worse. Now I have fun sometimes in front of the monitor to keep my hands occupied. I hope that, nevertheless, these particles are massaged on the lips, the blood rushes, which means that there is still benefit. Although visible on me - no.
Rating: 3 (for leisure)
I don’t remember the price, but very affordable.
9. Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly (20 g)
This comrade was lost in front of a group photo, so he is not there, but here he is.
Vaseline. And I have nothing more to say here.
His husband bought it in the winter. He brought it. The muck is rare, on the lips a nasty fat mass lies, it smells appropriately. In general, I wiped it off my lips, now I use it for other needs, most often household ones.
Score: 2 (for a greased keyhole).
Estimated price: 1.80 lbs.

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