My spring departure with Clarins

Hello, girls, I want to tell you about my impressions of leaving Clarins.

About me: I’m 27 years old, the skin is combination - it’s dry on the cheeks, it’s oily in the T-zone, but suffers from dryness in the winter time, so I take all means for dry skin. This spring I decided to take something lightweight and energizing and decided to stay at the Clarins Daily Energizer, as the price was very convenient and there was an action - a cosmetic bag with samplers as a gift, I wanted to try everything. The general impression is certainly positive, but most likely I will not take it a second time.
I'll start with gifts:
1. Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. Mild exfoliating and cleansing agent with orange extract.
I really liked this tool, I’ll think about a full version. It cleanses the skin very well, the makeup did not wash it off - it was used as a scrub, but the face after it is clean and very pleasant. The scrubbing particles are quite small and soft, it smells delicious, you can feel a little orange)
A wonderful tool in all respects!
period of use: not daily use was enough for 1 month, since I use a scrub every three days.
Rating 5!
Price 1000 rubles for the full version
2. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - Soft cleansing foam for dry skin.
Another remedy I really liked, makeup washes off completely, leaving no residue. The texture is a light creamy product that turns into foam when washing, it is very pleasant to use!
and I liked the floral smell, uplifting) The skin after it is clean, and it really gives a feeling of comfort. I will definitely take the full version !!!
the term of use is 1 month, the product foams well, therefore it is quite economical.
Rating 5
Price 770 p. for the full version
3. Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream-gel and Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream.
Anti-wrinkle Day Cream Gel and Night Repair Cream.
I used these two creams for about two months, since they gave two copies each, consider that the full version turned out. In general, these creams after 35 years, but I decided that in small quantities and will suit me. Here they are not very impressed. My day cream rolled away diligently, not only when applying makeup, but when I just ran a hand over my face, which was very annoying. Maybe he didn’t suit me, my skin is moody. I didn’t like the smell at all - I recalled some kind of cheap children's cream from childhood. The texture is quite light cream gel, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, but it rolls with me and that's it!
term of use 2 months
Rating 2
But I liked the night cream! It nourishes the skin well, is quickly absorbed, not oily. It smells good, the skin in the morning is smooth, moisturized, so ... younger that I have no wrinkles, I can not say how these creams affect them. The texture is light, the face is very comfortable with this cream and in the morning it is nice to look in the mirror - I think that it fulfills all its functions.
term of use 2 months
Rating 5
The price of creams of the full version is about 2000 rubles.
4. Clarins "Special" Eye Contour Balm. Eye Care Balm for dry skin.
A good eye cream, moisturizes perfectly, does not remove bruises under the eyes, but they seem to be lighter. Put on the night. In the morning I didn’t apply, but most likely it may not be suitable for use under makeup, all the same it is a balm and quite nutritious, although it is absorbed quickly. From eye creams I demand only good hydration - this balm gives it to the fullest. Fresh eyes in the morning, rested.
The cream smells nothing, in texture like a light cream.
the term of use is 2.5 months.
Rating 5-
Price 1300 rub
And about the Clarins Daily Energizer series: products created specifically for young age, moisturize the skin and recharge it with energy, enhance the complexion.
5. Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. Face Lotion.
Good lotion, I liked that it is not quite like water, but a little oily, but absolutely not greasy. Cleanses the face, refreshes, awakens the skin and moisturizes it. And of course the smell - the whole series has a tasty, unobtrusive, fruity, invigorating as the color of the packages - orange.
The only drawback is the small packaging size of 125 ml. I have been using it for more than two months, but just a little remains. But there is a reason to buy something new
the term of use is 2.5 months.
Rating 5
Price 650 rub
6. Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. Daily cleansing gel
Nice gel for washing, makeup rinses perfectly. But to me it dries out the skin near the eyes a little. And also a small package of only 75 ml. True funds are needed just a little bit, quite economical.
2.5 months of use
Rating 4
Price 465 rub
7. Clarins Daily Energizer Cream. An energizing daily cream.
I really liked this cream! It is applied and distributed easily, quickly absorbed, brings hydration and comfort. Now I use it for the night. I can’t say that my skin shone directly from this series, but my complexion was really refreshed. The texture of the cream is light, pleasant, it is light peach in color and smells of fruit.

It’s just inconvenient that there’s no spoon in the kit, but I’ve lost mine, I have to climb my finger into the cream. I tried to use it several times a day - it’s also suitable, the makeup falls on it perfectly, nothing slides down. In general, an excellent cream, in spring and summer it’s the best thing, in winter I like richer things, but this is due to age, and who is younger is suitable for the whole year, and again, the cream is only 30 ml and it quickly ends. But comparing with the next cream, I can say that this remains more, although I have 50 ml cream gel (!), This cream is thicker and more moisturizing than the cream gel in the same series.
2.5 months of use
Rating 5!!!
price about 900 p.
8. Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel. Day cream gel that recharges the skin with energy.
This is a lighter cream, I use it in the morning. Immediately I crash - everything is in order. I was very glad that I got 50 ml. cream in a tube at the same price as 30 ml. in a jar)) Given that the jars do not have blades, I even liked the tube more, it’s convenient to use. The cream cleanser refreshes, moisturizes the skin, although it is very light, but even after some time there is no desire to smear your face again, it means it is quite nutritious, quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy shine. After application, the face freshens, maybe this peach cream color also gives such an effect.
But anyway, I just liked the cream more!
There is also a moisturizing emulsion in this series - it’s terrible, I tried it on my hand - it’s very oily, if you only use it at night, although it has SPF. And on her hand for a long time she was lying in bold film, had to be washed with a napkin!
Rating: 5.
2.5 months of use
Price about 900 rub.
So I met Clarins. Almost all the tools liked. What I expected from the Daily Energizer I received everything and even more, I did not think that the cream would nourish the skin so well! A good series with a pleasant smell, color, texture, what else is needed to cheer up and wake up after hibernation

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