Brothers Dutch. I Don't Give a Rotterdam! and I Have a Herring Problem. Herring or Rotterdam?

When I chose varnishes for myself from the Dutch collection - I couldn’t choose between these two brothers, I bought both :)
The question "Is this really necessary" - I will try to cover it in today's report! I hope someone will ease the torment of choice, but someone will puzzle :)
Lacomaniac is not easy to live - to try new colors as quickly as possible, you have to combine two colors in one manicure :) Which I did with these brothers. True, most people (not junkies, but quite healthy, of course)))) - they did not see the difference. Or saw, but not immediately :)
They are very similar, but the paradox is that I can’t answer the question - which one I like best and which one I will part without regrets :)
Welcome to watch herring (literally and figuratively) and get to know Rotterdam :)

In the end, I decided to do a manicure on the principle of double-color (the word "color" is really not very pronounced here)))
Both varnishes have shimmer. And both varnishes are remarkable. In fact, in secret - I'm not terribly delighted with them, and it was this shimmer that saved them in my eyes. If not for him, it would be a little boring in my opinion. So or not mine.
Let's call them code words - Rotterdam and Herring. You do not mind?
So - Rotterdam is lighter than herring. It can be described as a blue-gray color. With a shimmer.
A herring, or rather a problem with it)))) - a blue-gray color. With a shimmer. The color is more dirty and rainy

I apologize for some imperfect manicure. Something like perfect make-up quickly "couldn’t"))
So here. Herring on the left, Rotterdam on the right

In the photographs - under the macro, and with interest - the difference is, of course, huge. Not so in life.
Well, another photo for the entourage
Where without jeans shirt or jeans? Classic s
There are many flowers in Holland. For lack of tulips, imagine that there are many gerberas;)

I am pleased with the varnishes, but I will not say that I am in terrible delight.
A brush like an OPI is good, i.e. It is put well, dries as OPI :)
I can’t part with someone alone, but I won’t raise them to the rank of “favorite varnishes”,
For more than 2 days, I could not stand these comrades on my nails.
+ I conclude - the nails should be under the root. Well, I think so!
And for those who have read and watched to the end - a photo of a herring from Holland
She is like hot dogs on the streets and insanely tasty. I think the color for the varnish is named because of the skin with a shimmer)))))

Rating for both varnishes: 5
Price: in Moscow time about 500, if ordered, then $ 7