Summer Aurelia Magnifique No. 117

Good afternoon, girls. With the onset of warm days, I want to delight myself and others with bright colors (in winter I go into hibernation). I rarely paint my nails in winter yet, so bright nails in summer and spring always make me happy and they are always made up. Today I want to show you my favorite.
Full name of varnish: AURELLA Magnifique Nail Polish No. 117.
Who wants to look at him, please
Detailed opinion: This varnish was bought last summer and won my love. Pink varnish with the smallest purple shimmer (I tried to catch it). Easy to apply. I paint 2 layers. Easy to wash. The brush is comfortable, I'm not a fan of very thin brushes, but wide ones do not suit me either. He, one of the few varnishes that do not peel on day 2. Feel free to go with him for 4-5 days. It looks great on legs (pedicure), especially on tanned skin. Let's see the photo. In the photo, manicure 2 days.

Price: I hardly remember if I'm not mistaken in the region of 100 rubles.
Rating: 5 (loved him from the first application).
That's all. Thanks for reading. Good mood to you all.

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