Two pencils and two gloss Essence

A small hodgepodge of essence.
1. Essence Long-lasting eye pencil 02 hot chocolate
Conventional mechanical pencil. As usually advanced by scrolling the stick:

Bribed with his sweet brown matte shade
The pencil is soft, not greasy, not dry (does not flow, does not crumble, and does not break at the slightest press). To draw a thick line is generally two counts, a thin one is a little more complicated, due to the fact that the stylus is not very sharp, it just turns out a little slower. The pencil is quite resistant. So I rubbed it with a make-up napkin:
In general, it can be worn all day. The only thing is that I erase the corners, but they always erase with any pencil and even persistent eyeliner - I often go there)) In general, I have a pleasant impression of the pencil. not a miracle, but I don’t notice any flaws behind it, and I really like the color. I wear with shadows and without (when applied to the shade, I also did not experience any problems). It fits quite evenly, although my eyelid is quite embossed, a little bit clings to some folds, as well as all the other pencils, so I don’t lower my rating. But it does not bald, applied without spaces. In general, I use it with pleasure.
Thin arrow:


Rating: 5. no pluses, no minuses.
Price: well, probably somewhere around 25-30 UAH. I don’t really remember even.
Duration: 2 months
2. Essence I love rock gloss eye pencil
It comes only in black.
This pencil is more than average bold. At the same time, it’s fine, but you can’t draw a thin arrow anyway - it spreads out by pressing.
Color is black-black. At first I didn’t understand where gloss was, I would call it medium-matte, but when I did the swatch, I realized that there are small sparks that are almost invisible to the eye.
due to the texture, again, the thick arrow is applied quite easily, but with a thin one, unlike the previous pencil, I have to sweat a lot more, and somehow the result is not very good for me (and for a century I no longer see that rich black, it turns out some kind of dark dark gray):

in general, it seems to me that you should not wear a solo. on dark shadows, rather. Well, or if for an image with thick thick arrows. Unstable, by the way. in principle, the day stands, but so ... it could have been better. Well, the base is doing pretty well.
Rating: Impressions on 3-ku. I can’t say that it’s absolutely bad, bad and count it, let it be for occasions, but I won’t buy it anymore.
Price: like 27 UAH.
Duration: month.
3. Essence volume & gloss lip maximizer 03 air kiss
I received this sparkle as a gift for a purchase. And thanks, I like him very much))
He has such a sponge:

with whom I am very pleased - I do not like brushes, they always fluff, well, and generally not mine in terms of application. and this sponge is quite solid, does not deform, it is very easy for them to apply gloss on the go. and moderately fluffy, without bald spots (and does not bald over time, like some)
The sparkles of this series are actually transparent, although they are multi-colored in tubes. Absolutely summer version - not sticky at all, plus the first minute after applying the lip contour slightly bakes, I understand that this is a maximizer chip?)) In any case, in the heat it is very pleasant such a chill))
There is no sparkle in it, it just gives the effect of wet lips. And it’s very good for them to walk on top of a tint or persistent lipstick - and the color will not change, and the lips will not be dry.
p.s. By the way, it’s very good that, although transparent, the gloss is colored in the tube - if you paint it on top of the lipstick and then put the sponge back in the tube, the liquid will not turn into the color of the lipstick. I don’t like it for some reason.
As for lip augmentation, I won’t say such a problem is not in front of me, so I’m not looking closely. Feels like - no such thing.
Oh, and the smell is still very pleasant berry with menthol
Rating: 5+. My only transparent shine, which I really love.
Price: a gift, but I think, as usual, in the region of 20-25 UAH
Duration: half a year already, probably
4. Essence XXXL lip gloss shine lipgloss 09 party connection
I have long wanted to try the sparkle from this series, but I have enough sparkles (I usually buy in the berry gamut), I do not like cluttering. but I really wanted to, so I decided to buy an unusual brown shade for me. And not lost.
Firstly, the tube has the same sponge as in the previous shine, which pleased me:
Gloss is also quite light, not very pigmented, although the color is visible enough. practically not sticky (although some people write differently, but for me personally this is not the degree of stickiness from which you need to shout the guard), because of this, it can spread a little (again, here is a solid sponge in the subject). Sparkles are not felt, although the gloss is very sparkling)).
Shine does not dry, it is pleasantly worn. Average resistance - 1.5 hours - normal for such a texture. When having a bite, it is necessary to tint again. the smell is faint, sweet chemical, not repulsive.
Normal room light:
at the window:
and in the sun:
In the context of a person)):
Suddenly, I really liked this shade and recently I use it only.
Rating: 5.
Price: 25-30
Duration: 2 weeks.

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