Nail polish "lux Visage" No. 74

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In this post I want to show you my recent purchase of a very budget nail polish.
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Full name of varnish: Nail polish "LUX Visage" No. 74
Detailed opinion:For a long time I was staring at Essence varnishes with a shimmer, but nowhere could I find such a varnish so that the spangles in it were not small, but larger and more diverse. I love varnishes with sparkles, it seems to me that they give a certain “festivity” to manicure, and this is no exception. I liked that the sparkles in it are of different sizes and designs, as well as the colors here, and silver, and turquoise, and red-orange ... On the nails it looks like a scattering of precious stones, gleaming in the sun. Swatch applied "in one coat", you can add more shine, but it tastes and color) The varnish dries quickly, the spangles keep nailed and can hardly be removed from the nails, in general, like most such varnishes.
Swatch:In the tube, it seems very dark, almost black, but this effect is due to the large number of sparkles.

Put a varnish for example on the color most similar to the natural shade.

Price: 75 rubles
Thanks for attention! I-Ala, on the "you"!

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