Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine Reviews

I want to tell you about lipstick Chanel rouge coco shine. Tone 57 Aventure.

Detailed opinion: Much has been said about this product, but I will also write, how can I do without me. I'll start with the packaging - a laconic black case with a golden "belt", it is very nice to hold it in your hands. This is the first luxury product in my cosmetic bag and it can not but rejoice))
In life, the color is calmer, and on the lips quite delicate (lower on the swatch):
At first I was embarrassed - for me it is bright, I did not wear anything like it before. But the coating gives a translucent, not so active.
And here you can see spangles, in life they are not so pronounced and look good on the lips. In different lighting:

Lipstick lies well, despite the fact that my lips are problematic, always bitten, but even so lies well. Moisturizes not much.
Fans of persistent lipsticks will not work - because it is eaten, conspired with, disappears quickly enough. But it just disappears, does not spread anywhere, does not clog.
It shines beautifully on the lips, especially in the sun.
Now about the minus, which I have identified for myself: it is not spent economically. And at its price, it is expensive.
And maybe someone fundamentally, she has a fondant smell, it is not strong, though it quickly disappears in the air, but it still feels ...
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Price: ~ 300 hryvnia, ~ $ 37.
Test period: 3 months
Rating: 5- for instability. I liked it, pleasant, I would take myself another shade of Boy whenever possible.
No misters. Alice.

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