Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-Made Bronzing Powder With Pure Gold SPF 10 - Reviews

Hello! Today's post is dedicated to the stuff that I have long wanted :)
And so for several months I dreamed of buying a matte bronzer and, moreover, it was Guerlain's itch that I read because I read a lot of praise about him. And so finally my dream came true in our store there was a 40% discount and of course, without thinking twice, I bought it for myself and, to my happiness, came during the second number I took the last, and the first number seems bright to me although it says that for blondes I preferred to take the second.
The photo:

Detailed opinion:
And so let's move on to the design. - Guerlain is of course famous for her makeup design, but this is definitely a work of art, Such a nice heavy package with the Guerlain logo that just warms the soul! Yes, and it closes with a magnet, which is just very convenient! Yes, I'm a maniac ...))
Color- All four shades that are available can be applied both individually and by mixing to achieve the desired result. It is possible to apply both on pale skin and on tanned skin, I am now somewhere in the middle, in the process of tanning and it is not difficult for me to mix the color I need, I think that in winter these problems will not be.
Durability - well, durability didn’t let us down. It holds well all day even in the heat that we now have. Nowhere does not disappear from the face and holds like a nail. For example, recently he slipped out of my hands and fell by the powder on my foot so I then wiped off the stain that I had left for quite a while and it was completely erased only with makeup remover.
And so, to summarize, I’ll say that I am very pleased with the quality, the bronzer gives the face a very beautiful shade, the face just shines with health, I don’t know why it transforms the skin so much. but the facts are on the face. So I do not regret the money spent, not a bit! Now let's move on to the swatch.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Face without a bronzer (lighting opposite the window):

And now we apply a bronzer (lighting opposite the window):

Well and also electric lighting + flash:

Price: 70$
Test period: About two weeks
Rating: 5+++
Thank you all for your attention. I’m Anya and come to me :)

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