Golden Age - IsaDora Wonder nail Wide Brush Nail Polish No. 652 Gold Sparkles

Wide Brush Nail Polish

Gold in ancient cultures symbolizes the sun, truth, earthly and heavenly grandeur, knowledge and immortality.
He was loved by the pharaohs and Chinese emperors
Today, for many, this is still a sign of luxury and wealth.
This is probably why rappers and R&B divas love precious shine. I did not remain indifferent to gold either.

So, the story of my gold rush with sparkling varnish from IsaDora.
Detailed opinion:
This bubble attracted me with the inscription "Wide Brush" - inside a wide flat semicircular brush, very comfortable. I like her even more than Rimmel 60 seconds.
“A wide brush guarantees staining without stripes. In just one touch you get an excellent manicure,” is what the manufacturer promises. Well, what can I say, about one stroke, I'm not sure, I need three. But the application is really very easy and problem-free.
Compared to Rimmel 60 seconds

The consistency is not too thick, the varnish is easily distributed, but does not spread and does not strive to get on the cuticle. From the first layer, the coating lays evenly and uniformly, however, for a dense color you need two layers that dry out quite quickly.
Texture: me most resembles molten metal, although I'm not a metallurgist, of course. The varnish consists of many tiny shining particles, but they do not float separately at the base, but seem to be a single whole, forming the effect of liquid gold.
Smooth surface, without roughness, roughness. Intense sparkling, like foil.
Color: luxurious pure gold without yellow or orange. Perfect for emphasizing a tan. A sunny hue is associated with summer, a golden sandy beach, and the splendor of waves. Ideal for a festive look or party.

This varnish is what inspires experimenting with nail design. It is good for moon manicure.

For the first time, the holes were somewhat broad and not as rounded as we would like, but I think the idea of ​​combining colors is clear.

Another version of the lunar manicure - a kind of reverse jacket - is made with a shiny varnish at the base.

Persistence: 3-4 days. On the feet - a week.
Price: 260 rub
Thanks for stopping by.
Love yourself.
We are golden!

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