The Elusive OPI Sapphire

I will show the “pearl" of my OPI collection, I have been looking for holographics in the Sapphire shade from the Designer Series for a long time.

I found this varnish on Ebey, by the way, they ask for a lot of them, at that time I came across the most inexpensive one and cost $ 20, I really wanted it - at one time I slapped the release of this collection.
The consistency of Sapphire is liquid, lays in thin layers and does not strip at all, for the photo I needed three layers in my life, I can get by with two. Glossiness is not different, so I fill it with the top of Orly Glosser. Two layers dry for about 15 minutes, the third is much longer unfortunately. The color is light blue, and in cloudy weather or with dim daylight it looks gray
A manicure with Sapphire is especially unremarkable during the day, so I carry it to the office without embarrassment. It is worth going out into the sun or turning on the electric light, as the varnish begins to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in my opinion, it is impossible to catch them. It is worn for three days with dignity, it is washed off without effort and does not leave shine on the skin. The brush seemed softer to me than in the usual OPI series, which I really liked.
Let's move on to swatch with different lighting:

Price: $ 20
Rating: 5

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