Glitters! China Glaze - "Techno", "Glam", "Treasure Chest" (photo added)

Hello Beautician!
You need to sparkle with beauty always and everywhere, as well as receive compliments - and thank your sparkling helpers. None of these three varnishes went unnoticed by friends and classmates, probably because they are hard to miss. They shine brighter than gold and silver!
Meet - China Glaze - "Techno", "Glam", "Treasure Chest".

General opinion: I really liked all the varnishes. I bought them at the same time, without even thinking about choosing the only one. I did not regret a minute, because sparkling nails give joy and perfectly cheer up. Varnishes are suitable for both regular manicure and evening manicure - you only need to apply in two layers. A convenient brush on which glitter easily clings, decent durability and fast drying. They did not thicken in two months of use, and as a top they will prolong the life of varnish for a very, very long time. Minus - flushability, here we must try, but it's not so scary.
About each separately:
China Glaze "Techno"
Silver glitter holographic on a transparent basis, the largest sparkles and many small ones - this is what distinguishes it from the other two. Incredibly beautiful shimmers, but it is difficult to catch on the nails. Like drops of dew or rain sparkle on grass and flowers, so this varnish sparkles on the nails

China Glaze "Glam"
Pink glitter on a transparent base, large sparkles in two sizes. An unusually feminine varnish, thanks to him I received many compliments from the male. . Holds for a long time, does not scratch, however, like the other two. Probably the calmest of the trinity - but that does not rob him of his charm.

Macro:So wear in life:

China Glaze "Treasure Chest"
Completely lives up to the name! (In Russian - a treasure chest). Gold placer, coins, sun rays, golden sand - call it whatever you like, this glitter is the most noticeable and my favorite. Incredibly elegant and festive, looks great on almost any shade of base varnish. Photos do not convey all the beauty of this chest, but believe me - with it your fingers will not be left without attention.

Rating: 5- (flushability)
Price: about 200 rubles
I am Anna, to me - on you;)

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