100% Natural Propolis Soap - Natura Siberica

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100% Natural Propolis Soap by Natura Siberica

Handmade soap for deep cleansing of the skin.
Propolis, black cumin, Siberian shiksha, juniper oil and 12 cold-pressed organic oils.

Propolis soap fights imperfections of the skin, contributes to its deep cleansing and moisturizing. Suitable for daily use.
Weight: 100 grams
From me: The packaging personally undoubtedly pleases me personally) At the first and subsequent openings, I experience aesthetic pleasure from what is outside ...
And inside ...)
The soap ball itself is packed in a pleasant-to-touch paper with the signature symbols of Natura Siberica on top. Handsomely! Tried it!)
Conveniently made a hole specifically "to fit". First, after each use, I wrapped the soap again in paper, but when she lost all her aesthetic and physical qualities, I flew into the bin. Now I just put the used soap back into the hole and nothing spoils or gets wet) Conveniently)

That's how it looks in all its glory.
- In the first places, juniper oil, olive oil, sodium hydrogen sulfate, sucrose, honey, Altai sea buckthorn oil, propolis, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, blackcurrant seed oil, black cumin oil, daurian soybean oil, grape seed oil and so on.

Smell: knowing how different olfaction's smell differs for different people and what one may think of aroma, another stink - I’ll say I really like the smell. At first I always put the box next to the desktop, took it out and sniffed) It smells delicious! So sweet, interesting in general) ... probably propolis smells like that)
Consistency: Surprisingly, the soap turned out to be quite soft, it can be easily wrinkled. And what pleased us was that at the first opening it was noticeable that this ball was rolling by someone’s hands) For this, it’s also manual work, as indicated on the packaging) This fact can be seen in the photo.
Composition: declared as without preservatives and dyes.
- I never paid attention to the formulations, but when I wrote a post, I became interested in what sodium hydrosulfate is. It turned out to be an extremely harmful thing. And how can we now believe the manufacturer? It is in third place, as far as I understand, that this is chemistry, so that little becomes soap. In general, it confused me a little, but where to find the real 100% now ...
Because As part of a lot of natural oils, extracts and other things, I would not advise girls with allergic sensitive skin.
Sensations: I was pleasantly surprised that this soap does not dry my face at all, which made even liquid soap for sensitive skin from Clinique, different gels and foams for washing.
In general, I am happy with the remedy, but this aromaaaaat! He is simply divine!
I can’t say anything about the composition, the champions of natural compounds are really 100% real, probably this is not for you) The remedy suited me - this is the main thing.
Cleans perfectly, to squeak. It removes cosmetics, but before that I wash off the “eyes” with lotion or milk. Immediately I bought one more thing in reserve, I wanted to try something similar, but for sensitive skin, it wasn’t (There was one more thing left. If necessary, I’ll definitely buy it.
Pleasant to use and decent ball as a result)
Price: 105 rubles
Test period: 1 month
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