Gradient - spring-summer 2012 trend

Today I will show you how to do a manicure with a gradient effect. There are a lot of varieties of such manicure, I will show you my version, which is perfect for summer.
This manicure is very easy to perform, but it looks just great, as if you had just left the salon.

I prepared both a photo and a video lesson. If you are interested, read on.

Typically, for such a manicure, shades from one color palette are used, moving from dark to light. It is very important that the lightest shade is at the base of the nail, and the darkest at the tips; so you will make your nails visually longer and the manicure will look more elegant. (I made a reservation in the video and said the opposite).
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I chose shades of pastel colors for my manicure, which combine well with each other.

For this manicure I will need the varnishes themselves, the base coat (white varnish), but because I don’t have white varnish, I will use the base in a white shade. We will also need a top coating, a piece of foil and the main tool - a sponge (I use a piece of washcloth to wash dishes, you can try using a torn half of the cosmetic sponge).

Well, let's get started.
1. Apply white polish or base to all nails. We do this to make the pastel shades look brighter. We wait until the varnish dries.

2. Now the fun begins. We take a piece of foil (I have it foil from chocolate) and apply all three varnishes to it, in the order in which you want to see them on the nails.

3. Now we take our sponge and dip it in varnish and immediately apply it to the nails. Movement should be light, patting. We do this until you are satisfied with the intensity of the coating.

4. Now, while the varnish is not completely dry, apply a top coat, thereby not only extending the durability of the manicure, but also leveling the surface of the nail, because from the sponge she became bumpy.

5. Now we fix everything with a spray-dryer.

6. Now we just have to clean up all the flaws of manicure. (This can be avoided if you previously glue the skin around the nail with tape). I will use nail polish remover and a cotton swab

7. Next, I applied Kiko product on top to give a matte finish.

So, in the photo below, on the left hand there is a matte finish, on the right there is only a top coating from Orly. Which option to choose is up to you.

Grocery list:
* Base coat in white shade from the Lithuanian brand Buk
* 3 mini varnishes from the Lithuanian brand Buk in numbers D8, D2, D1
* Top 2 bottom from Orly (serves as a base and as a top coating)
* 3 in 1 Mat by Kiko (fast dry, top coat, base coat)
* DeMert Spray Dryer
Well, now, you can clearly see everything in a short video lesson. Everyone enjoy watching.

This was my first post for beauticians. Thank you all for your attention, my name is Alex.
To me on the "you".

Watch the video: SpringSummer 2012 Trend Tutorial Lips & Nails (February 2020).