Ysl Eyeliner: Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking, L'Eyeliner Noir and Eyeliner Moire

Hello, Beauties!
In this post, I’ll talk about my favorite eye polish - eyeliner. I have a lot of them in my makeup bag. But this post will be dedicated to three representatives of the YSL brand.

I'll start with eyeliner YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking # 1.
This is a pencil eyeliner. Or rather a felt-tip pen. But not with the usual felt-tip (hard) applicator, but with such an elongated felt:
He is very comfortable. The tip of the applicator is soft, moderately flexible. Touching the eyelid with the very tip, you can easily draw a tiny arrow. By tapping it a little, the arrow will turn out thicker. Here are the options for the arrows I have in the photo:
Thanks to this applicator, I can safely advise this eyeliner to beginners.
Eyeliner is available in only one black color. Its color is absolutely black without any shades or subtones, very saturated; the finish is a little glossy. With artificial lighting, you can consider the micro-shimmer.
Swatch on hand (with different lighting):
The eyeliner lays on the eyelid remarkably: in one line, evenly and without bald spots, it very well paints the inter-eyelash space. The eyeliner is quite stable, lasts until the evening, does not imprint on the eyelid, does not smear, does not crumble, the eyelid does not tighten, and does not irritate the eyes. If you rub it with your finger, it will be smeared, but it will not be erased. Just water, too, will not be removed until the end. But with the help of any means for washing (or removing makeup) it easily leaves the eyelid.
Photo of "abuses" over the eyeliner:
1- jet of water to the eyeliner
2- I tried to wash it off just with water
3- rubbed with a dry hand (with strong pressure)
I can say about dryness for 3 months that its qualities have not changed; how much longer will live - we'll see. The period of use after opening is 6 months.
Volume: 1.1 ml
Duration of use: 3 months
Rating: 5
Price: AED 156 ($ 42) at Dubai Paris Gallery.
The next heroine is eyeliner YSL L'Eyeliner Noir.
About her in the catalog Beauticians.
This is a classic liquid eyeliner. From the name it follows that it is available in one black color. Her color is jet black. The finish is completely matte.
Swatch on hand:
Eyeliner of usual liquid consistency. The eyelid lays well, evenly, without bald spots. In the process of applying to spreads. It dries on the eyelid for about 10 seconds. During the day, it keeps perfectly on the eyelid, the eyelid does not tighten. If you rub it with your finger, it will be smeared. It’s just that it will not be completely washed off with water, but any means for washing or removing make-up is easy. Allergies or irritations did not cause.
“Washings” over eyeliner (1 - watered with water, 2 - then rubbed with a finger):
The downside for me in this eyeliner is its extremely thin brush. The tip of it is straight in one hair thick. With this brush, it is very difficult for me to control the thickness of the drawn line.
Therefore, to draw the usual arrows for me, I have to tinker (for this I shoot her a ball). Here is what I get with this eyeliner in front of my eyes (a thin arrow and thicker):
For 4 months of use, the eyeliner has not changed its consistency (it has not dried, it has not thickened). The term of use on it is 12 months.
Volume: 3 ml
Duration of use: 4 months
Rating: 4
Price: 156 AED ($ 42) at Dubai Paris Gallery
Well, the eyeliner completes the show YSL Eyeliner Moire in shade # 1 Steel Reflections. (She is in the Beauticians catalog.)
This is a liquid colored eyeliner. My color # 1 Steel Reflections is a dark gray color. But here is the subtona of this gray color, girls, that's the truth, I find it difficult to determine. Either it is blue, then lilac, then silver ... From how much I examined this eyeliner from different angles and lighting, I began to ripple in my eyes. There is such a photo taken in different lighting conditions:
The finish for the eyeliner is generally matte, but sometimes (with some lighting) a little pearly. It seems to me that it turns out that way due to the presence of the smallest delicate shimmer in the liner.
Swatch on hand (with different lighting):
The eyeliner has a very convenient applicator. The brush is quite elastic and, in my opinion, the most optimal thickness and length. (By the way, here in this photo, the color of the eyeliner is transmitted most reliably.)
You can draw both thin arrows and expressive thicker. I like to draw arrows thicker with this eyeliner so that all the beauty of the color of the eyeliner can be seen.
The eyeliner has some slightly mousse, but at the same time liquid consistency. It is applied just fine, very smooth and soft. The line on the eyelid is dense, clear and uniform. For complete drying, the eyeliner needs about 10 seconds. After that, it keeps excellent throughout the day: it does not crack, does not smear, does not print on the upper eyelid. If you rub it with your finger, it will be smeared a little. It is well washed off by any means for washing or for removal of a make-up.
And again the "money laundering":
During my life, this eyeliner has not changed its quality (it has not dried up and has not thickened). The period of use on the tube is 12 months.
Volume: 3 ml
Duration of use: 6 months
Rating: 5
Price: 156 AED ($ 42) at Dubai Paris Gallery
Thank you all for your attention!
My name is Tanya.