Makeup for those who like it hotter.

As promised a couple of weeks ago, I am doing makeup using dark Catrice # 170 After work wine lipstick, as after this post, many of you have asked to show lipstick in action and in a full manner. I keep my promise! I hope you will be interested!

I thought for a long time whether to comply with the golden rule of makeup in emphasizing one thing or all the same to tear myself away from brightness and extravagance ... The balance scale outweighed the desire to experiment and settled on color smokey-eyes I do not urge you to wear such makeup in everyday life, but there are times in life when this may be appropriate
We start, as usual with the base under the shade, powdering with loose powdery eyelids.
We glue the pieces of tape so that they seemed to continue the line of the lower eyelid.
With a soft pencil or kayal (like me) draw a bold line and immediately shade it up the eyelid, creating a substrate under the shadow
I specifically chose shades that are similar in color to the lipstick, i.e. brown-burgundy, to maintain its shade in the makeup. We apply them with a wide brush over the entire eyelid up to the crease (I have shadows from the Epater palette)
Blend sharp edges, if necessary - layering color for saturation
We remove the tape and gently extinguish the border where it was, with the help of a light shadow, just put it under the eyebrow as a highlight (Art-makeup white odnushka)
Draw the lower eyelid with a kayal or pencil in the outer corner, and put our dark shadows on top.
Gel eyeliner brings the upper eyelid and display a small arrow. (I have it MAC Blacktrack gel) We also bring the lower mucosa
Pearl white shade emphasize the inner corner of the eye
Thickly colored eyelashes (Lancome Hypnose)
We get such an eye

After eye makeup, I applied Dior Nude in the shade of 020 to the face, YSL Touch eclat under the eyes, made a face correction using a darker foundation, dusted with Kryolan anti-shine powder and applied lip balm
With a pencil (Maybelline Color Sensational lipliner: # 338 Midnight plum), I bring the contour of the lips and mascara over the entire surface of the lips
I apply the main character lipstick (Catrice # 170 After work wine and Catrice # 110 Pink me up!)
And the image is ready! I got such a funny makeover!

Thank you all for your attention!

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