Cornflower blue love with Essie No. 94 Lapiz of Luxury

Good day, dear beauticians! Today I would like to share about my new lacquer love. Essie was not represented in our city, so going to Italy for a vacation, Essie varnishes were the first on my shopping list. And on the very first day of my vacation, I stood at the box office in Roman Sephora with the cherished and multi-colored bottles warming my soul. Actually, one of them will be discussed.
Full name of varnish: Essie No. 94 Lapiz of Luxury
Detailed opinion: This varnish with a swatch sunk into my soul. How I love this color. Cornflower blue, lavender ... It was difficult to make swatches, the color really wanted to go either blue or blue. The texture of the cream, it lays down perfectly, the brush is flat and wide, for me it is, it dries quickly despite 3, and sometimes even 4 layers (I like fatter and thicker)) Durability 4-5 days with INM fixer.

Price: 11.9 euros.
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