Givenchy Matissime Powder Foundation SPF 20 # 15 Mat Beige

Not so long ago, I turned to you for help in finding the perfect summer powder for combination skin. I was given a lot of useful and interesting comments. Thanks to them, I realized that an old friend, nevertheless, is better than the new two :) therefore I returned to my beloved Givenchy Matisim. I also bought Vichy’s wonderful creeper, but more about it later :)

Matting and quite dense, resistant and easy to apply ... my beloved Matissim :)
I first met her about 2.5 years ago. Then still a novelty, it was the first powder for me. The color on the packaging quickly faded, and I didn’t think of remembering it very well, but then, I remember, it suited me perfectly - a gentle natural beige that does not darken on the skin and adjusts to its tone. But I wouldn’t be me if I wanted “something new” :) After this powder, I decided to switch to tonalnikov, then to moisturizer with a touch, then again to powder, then again to cream ... But not a single remedy was suitable perfect for me! Either the color is not the right one, it doesn’t matte, the texture is too light, or the skin rebels ... Therefore, the next time I ask you for advice on choosing a means to even out the tone, please throw a slipper at me and poke your nose into this powder: )
Only with her I can "make a face" in a couple of minutes! Convenient sponge - the main assistant! It perfectly applies powder and does not emphasize peeling, which, alas, is not uncommon on my face. It is soft and elastic, easy to wash and dries quickly. The only negative - twisted, infection, after several "washes."
The texture of the powder is very small and delicate, I would even say wet. I cannot but note the perfect shade of powder (many thanks to the wonderful consultant girl from Rive Gauche).

Traces of the "military past":
Which, in my opinion, the powder pretty well hides.
There is a lull on my face now. I hope now the storms will bypass my face, and I will deservedly receive compliments
testing period: about a year
price: about 1500 rub.
rating: 5
Thank you for your attention :) Anya.
Be beautiful!