Dance Legend - Malta Collection. Fall 2012

Most varnish brands have already submitted to the public the announcements of their fall collections. Dance legend also not far behind. The collection that will be discussed in the post is called "Malta" and will go on sale in October this year. All the colors of the varnishes in it are muffled, slightly dusted and correspond to modern trends set by such giants of the nail industry as OPI or Zoyathat have already demonstrated autumn in their interpretation.

As a blogger, I received a collection for testing from representatives of the brand, and I am very glad that I can share my impressions.
Collection Dance legend consists of 12 colors, six of which are classic nude and red tones, and six others are complex gray-brown and pink-purple shades, plus azure and green. Combines all the cream varnishes in the collection with a golden microschimmer of several shades, added by the manufacturer to all varnishes without exception. Such a shimmer does not fail in the layers and is always visible on the surface if mixed on a contrasting basis. These golden sparks remind me of aventurine and other quartzes of natural origin used in jewelry. In the fall, the shimmer will be especially well combined with yellowing foliage, and I plan to wear such varnishes even without any decorations at all. Most of all I liked the second part of the collection, I am going to use these varnishes regularly. The first part attracted the lightest beige (which I have not seen analogues yet) 86 and bright scarlet 82. The remaining pastel shades should be useful to those for whom the dress code does not allow experimenting with manicure, but still want to try something new.
I took all the photos below under artificial lighting from a flash with a softbox, which brings the lighting conditions closer to the neutral scattered light on a cloudy day and does not distort the shades.
The brush in all varnishes of this collection is flat, wide and soft enough not to stain the side rollers. Varnishes dry quickly, the coating is very thin, regardless of the thickness of the layers during application. The gloss is weak, and for a perfectly even coating it is better to use a top.
№ 93
Pink-orange cream, highlighted with a yellow-gold shimmer, which shows a brick undertones of varnish.

№ 85
Pink-gold shimmer on a dusty pink neutral base. The shimmer in this varnish is the least noticeable.

№ 88
The yellow-gold shimmer completely changes the pastel pink color of the base. And the varnish takes on a clear yellow hue

The three previous varnishes seem very similar and for a better perception I made a comparative picture:
From left to right: No. 88, № 85, № 93, № 88
№ 86
Gray-beige nude with a pink-gold shimmer and an unusual white pollen reminiscent of a patina.

№ 87
Dark pink cream with a cold undertone and a light golden pink shimmer.

№ 82
Scarlet cream with an orange undertone and a bronze shimmer. In application, the varnish is similar to jelly, but after drying, a creamy finish is obtained. The most glossy varnish in the collection and the only one with a bronze shimmer.

№ 91
Green lacquer begins the transition to my favorite part of the collection. The dark green base of the varnish is partially hidden and lightened by an abundance of golden shimmer.

№ 89
Blue cream with a green undertone and yellow-gold shimmer. Shimmer makes this varnish more azure than blue.

№ 84
Muted violet with a gray-blue undertone and yellow-gold shimmer.

№ 90
Pink-lilac cream with a gray undertone, or mauve in the English version, with a pink-gold shimmer. It is this nail polish on my nails in the general photo collection.

№ 92
Cream with a pink-brown base, gray-lilac subtone and pink-gold shimmer.

№ 83
Taupe gray, with a cool greenish undertone and pink-gold shimmer. This is my favorite nail polish in the collection. This contrasting combination of a shimmer and a dark base reminds me of aged bronze.

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