My Antiquity Lancome - color focus palette 4 ombres

Full title: Lancome - color focus palette 4 ombres
These shadows were brought to me by friends from the USA, and since I had not used luxury cosmetics before, I jumped to the ceiling) And I decided to show them)
Compared to my previous shadows, these hold on all day and do not roll up (I just got used to it, I paint myself in the morning, you come home in the evening, but there were no shadows)
I used to think that it makes no sense to throw money for the brand, now my opinion has changed. My next cosmetic purchase will be luxury!)
And now the shadows themselves)

Without base:

She put it on a hygienic)) one of the girls said that it can be used instead of the base (I don't do this with makeup, I just did it for swatch):
As soon as I opened the palette, I didn’t like the colors at all, I never used pink and blue shades, blue-violet also seemed somehow strange, well, gray is the most normal)
The next day, samples of shadows began) and I fell in love with the same blue-violet ... it looked like a cosmos), gray was also very beautiful) When I tried pink-blue makeup, my ideas about tear-stained eyes changed. And since it's summer, this makeup is perfect)
We do not look at the eyebrows, I was quite lazy at the weekend)

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