Heat ... Beyonce Eau de Parfum Heat

Good time of day, divas!
Saturday ... time for a new recall. Today we will focus on perfumes.
I admit, I love perfumes! Every perfume that I had appeared for a reason. For me, fragrance is history, memories. I have a story connected with the appearance of Heat perfume water, and this aroma is all the more valuable to me. Last summer, before a date, I dropped in to L'Etoile, wanted to see and try perfume novelties, among which was the fragrance from r'n'b diva (now only the lazy “star” didn’t release the fragrance named after herself, but not all of them deserve it attention). I liked this one, and I applied it to myself to check how I would feel with him. The second phrase on the date after "Hello" was "How do you smell delicious!". The next day I had the bottle, since the litmus test in the face of my boyfriend worked. It turned out a romantic story with "hot" feelings and a "hot" aroma ...

The manufacturer says about her:
Heat Beyonce is a feminine fragrance that kindles a fire inside. It is an expression of sensuality, sexuality and elegance. Fragrance for women who are confident in themselves, who are not afraid to wish the very best. Beyonce herself says about her perfume: “I want women to feel sexy, strong and independent. I want them to feel that they can achieve more. I want that when they enter the room, they can leave a lasting impression, walking past someone. "
And the fact that Beyonce herself became the face of the fragrance is quite natural.
The fragrance was launched in 2010.
Claude Deere Worked on Curious Heart and In Control Curious fragrances from Britney Spears, Simply Chic from Celine Dion and many others.
Olivier Goloti. Worked on Midnight Heat by Beyonce, Island Palm Beach by Michael Kors and on many "star" scents.
The perfume pyramid looks like this:
Top notes: neroli, peach, magnolia and orchid;
Middle notes: Musk, Honeysuckle, Almond and macaroons cake
Base notes: Amber, Tonka bean and sequoia.
Belongs to the group of "woody" aromas.
There is also a moisturizing body lotion.
Advertising poster
Now from me:
A year later, I still enjoy the aroma. He is 100% mine. Mischievous. Feminine. And hot!) In summer, the fragrance sounds neat, and in winter it “warms” with its composition. I like how the fragrance "sits" on me, like a nice and free chiffon dress. It’s easy with him. He does not oblige to be a serious lady, but rather “says” to be funny and sexy. The fragrance is enveloped in a light cloud, and then it remains only on the skin and only the closest (or rather, the closest) can feel it, for the rest there is only a playful mood that gives me a perfume.
For me, this is a very everyday flavor.
A beautiful bottle is created in the form of a vessel with a spark inside. Still, it is nice when a good aroma has a good design.
Someone calls the aroma "woody", for me it is not, because I do not like "woody" aromas. This one is rather sweet-floral. Sweet but not cloying to sugar squeak on the teeth. For all the time of use, I didn’t get tired of the aroma, I didn’t have a desire to change it for a second.
As for age, it seems to me that it is more suitable for young girls.
The fragrance's resistance is good, although it did not measure in hours and minutes. I stop feeling it after a while, and as they say, if you stop feeling the aroma, then it is yours.
How do others react to aroma? See the story of my appearance of this fragrance at the beginning of the post.
Volume: 30 ml
A country: USA
Price: 1100 rub.
Test period: 1 year
Rating: 5++

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