Flagella Hairstyle

I decided to tell you how to do hairstyle with flagella from this post. Since my technology is a little different. Maybe someone will be interested and useful.
We will need:

1. Comb
2. Elastic band for the color of your hair
3. Invisibility
4. Studs
5. Beautiful bow
To start, I parted on the side of the head.
Then first, on one side, I separate the two strands and twist them together.


Then I add more hair to one of the locks and twist again. Actually, filming this process is very inconvenient.

And so I do to the neck. There I fix the harness with invisibility. I do the same thing on the other hand.

After I fasten the hair in the back with an elastic band at the base of the neck. The harnesses on both sides are secured by invisibility.

All this looks a little untidy, but in the end result, even imperceptibly.
Slightly gum a little. I get a hole in my hair where I put my whole tail. My hair is long and thick, it is difficult for me to do it neatly and beautifully. But if you try, it turns out. In the end, I fasten everything with studs and invisible, so that our design holds. I like invisibles more, they hold better.
We attach a bow to make the hairstyle more festive. But I use it to close defects  

I hope someone was helpful  

Watch the video: Прическа из жгутиков. Прическа для девочекHairstyle of flagella. Hairstyle for girls (February 2020).