Black and white world. And makeup. 2 options

It was raining. The mood was worse than ever, but I had a bit of free time that I wanted to devote to the blog. But there were no ideas. Here is a gray-gray day. A gray-gray mood and the same gray-gray idea visited me. And it resulted in 2 makeup options, for which I needed only 2 colors.

1. From the outer corner of the eye, the plane of the brush begins to darken the corner. I put the brush like this

2. And I bring the brush to the middle of the eye. In this way I get an already shaded corner.

3. It remains to add white color, slightly shade the upper borders of the corner and draw the lower eyelid with black.


In the process of photographing, I realized that everything should not be so gray! Let everyone say that the world is black and white, but nothing prevents us from making this zebra glamorous! And away we go:
1. Washed an eye. Inflicted a base.

2. Draw the edges of the house.

3.With a white pencil, I make a makeup substrate.
4. Well shaded pencil white matte shadows.

5. The side of the stylus draw a fold.

6. In the same pencil I draw arrows on the upper and lower eyelids until connected to the fold.
7. I duplicate all the black parts with black shadows.

8. Black kayal on a wet eyelid.

Well, how do you like my gray day?

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