Crystal deodorant - natural deodorant crystal "by tawas crystal

For a long time ... a very long time ago I wanted to try something interesting. I have tried a lot of deodorants in my life - some came up, some didn't. The Lush Theo was my ideal, but ... we are all looking for something interesting and new, right?) And after reading crystal deodorants, I decided to try such a wonderful product.

And you know - he is truly a miracle.
Firstly, it smells nothing (the smell is very important to me as an allergy sufferer), secondly, it’s very economical (I have been using it for 4 months already), and thirdly, it protects well. This is just a find for me. It works for me and there is no smell at all. But I do not go in for sports, heavy physical exertion (exception is a child). It was a couple of times when in the morning I forgot to apply it after a shower - the smell of sweat did not appear. The only drawback for me at first was that I managed to completely dry myself with a towel before applying it, but now I’m already used to applying deodorant first.
I store it outside the bathroom on a special soap dish-board, because in my opinion, in a dry place, this deodorant will better retain its properties. Probably, such a little thing will be just a godsend for those who advocate only organic and natural cosmetics in everything.
Composition: pure tawas crystal mineral salts (potassium alum) i.e. pure mineral salts.
The manufacturer also assures that this natural deodorant has an antibacterial effect, due to which it is also useful in use. It works within 24 hours.
Duration of use - 4 months
Price - 250 rubles
Rating - 5.
Thanks for attention!
I'm Masha.

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