A delicate topic: unwanted facial hair and my way of dealing with it. Review of Veet Salon Wax

Good day, girls.
I dedicate this post to my most hated problem, because of which I formed a lot of complexes at one time and a whole ocean of tears was shed - this is undesirable facial hair!

All people have antennae and this is normal. Usually this is a light invisible fluff or literally a few invisible hairs. But I'm less fortunate
I myself am dark: I have thick thick eyebrows, black hair. To all this, a mustache and a small goat beard were added! But it happened like this: at one time by stupidity at the age of 13 I decided to lose weight. She ate almost nothing and nothing happened but a hormonal disruption. And the mustache got out. More precisely, they became terribly noticeable, black, long. In short, I got a solid peasant meshes!
I went like this for 3 or 4 years, listening to periodic attacks from classmates, such as "mustachioed", "monkey", etc.
All the time I did not dare to somehow remove them, because it seemed that they would grow even darker, thicker and blah blah blah.
And one fine day I decided to conduct an experiment to start on my "beard". There I decided to try using thread. I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube with a briefing about this "thread" method and did it! Then I didn’t see the beard for another 2-2.5 weeks for sure. But the method is rather inconvenient for me. Maybe, of course, you just need to get used to it, and then everything will be easy and good, but I did not quite like it. The beard after that returned the same as it was. And I began to think further. I tried the tweezers. What I regret bitterly. With tweezers I pulled out several large hairs on the "mustache" and pulled out the whole beard. Mom dear, they then got so black out that they got out and harsh, although I don’t understand why, because in fact wax and thread and tweezers have one principle of action — they remove the hair from the root. Can anyone explain why this happens?)
I thought and thought, and came to the conclusion that wax is my salvation.
I went to the nearest store and ...
This wax is very easy to use. The whole procedure of depilation above the upper lip and under the lower lip takes me no more than 5 minutes.
Everything is simple with this wax: throw it in the microwave for 45 seconds at full power (I have a maximum microwave power of a small one, it does not take the desired consistency in 45 seconds, so I put it on for a minute). Those who do not have a microwave, at your service a water bath. To be honest, I don’t remember how many minutes I need to keep in it, but everything is described in detail in the instructions.
So, here we get our heated wax from the microwave, take the spatula that is in the set and stir everything. If the word NO appears on the indicator on the shoulder blade, then in no case apply wax to the skin! You can get a burn! Better yet, if you try a small drop on your hand or any part of the body, but not on the face!
Apply wax with a thin layer with a spatula, take fabric strips, which are also included in the kit, cut them into strips of the desired width, apply a strip to the wax, smooth and jerk sharply against hair growth. Voila! There is no ailment!
Now about the result. The result from one procedure is enough for me for 1.5-2 weeks. That is, this time I don’t remember the hairs in this zone at all. Then they appear and I repeat these simple actions))
The first time the procedure seemed unpleasant to me. It hurt enough. But now, I’ve been using this wax for the third month and I don’t feel any sensations during depilation.
Hair grow exactly the same as it was! I am not the only one who uses wax. All my friends girls are happy, the situation has not become worse! And after one year of depilation, a friend they stopped growing at all
Why did I prefer wax in a jar to wax strips for a face? Just because I heard that wax in a jar is much better. In addition, the strips stick poorly and remove through one hair. The wax in the bank, in addition to the face, can be adapted elsewhere.
By the way, I didn’t have any irritation and pimples from him.
Advice to those who decide to use wax on their face, but people with sensitive skin should be extremely careful !!!: after the procedure, scrub the area where you did the depilation for 2 days in the morning and evening. It is thanks to this advice that I do not suffer from irritations, small rashes, redness, etc.
The redness keeps me exactly 10 minutes after the procedure.
I’ll destroy the myth a little more: on the package it is written that the hair length should be at least 5 mm for normal depilation of oO This is far from the case! Perhaps this applies to some coarse hair (for example, on the legs), but for the face this rule does not work. Hair about 2-3 mm is always torn out. Sometimes you need to pull a few times)
In general, I am very pleased and glad that I decided! Less a million complexes! No more hassle because of this topic!
I give a rating of 5.
Seventh continent, 330 rubles.
Duration of use: 3 months
Thank you for your attention, I hope it was useful to someone.

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