Elegant flower made of hair

Good day to all beauticians!
Today I want to tell you how to make a small flower out of hair. If you are interested, then please, under cat.

Probably many of you stab a strand of hair to the left or right and leave your hair loose. I also do it sometimes and stab it with a hairpin. But today I will tell you how to make a lock of hair without pins with only two hairpins.
So let's get started:
First, separate the strand of hair on the left or right, as you like
then we begin to weave the back braid, weave each strand under the bottom

Then, after several stitches, I pull out a little bit each stitch so that my pigtail becomes voluminous and flat. I fix the tip with silicone rubber.

here you can see the pigtail has become flat
then I wrap the pigtail in a circle and fasten it with studs inside

if there are decorative hairpins, you can decorate the resulting flower. I had pearls on my hand

That's all the hair flower is ready. If desired, you can use hair spray, so that the strands do not fall out of the flower.

I hope you enjoyed it.
To me on you and I am Marina.
Thanks for reading. If something is not clear, ask questions, I will be glad to answer you.

Watch the video: How To Make An Elegant Flower Hair Clip - DIY Style Tutorial - Guidecentral (February 2020).