Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Shade Lemon Drop

Hello, girls. I want to tell you today about Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Lemon Drop.

Detailed opinion: Glitter is packaged in a 13 ml tube. The tube is quite comfortable.
The shade of Lemon Drop is very beautiful, muted pink. Reminds me of cowberry yogurt. The aroma is also very pleasant, delicate, the smell of lemon was not immediately dismantled, the smell of citrus sweets is Montpensier. The smell of childhood. The shine tastes sweetish, like all the sun shines. It might annoy someone, for example, at first I was a little embarrassed, this smack, but I quickly got used to it, and now I even like it.
Gloss gives a beautiful glossy finish to the lips. Very resistant, due to its resistance - sticky. But it can withstand even snacks. The glitter of the sun is one of the most persistent that I have ever tried.
Tint on the hand.
Lips without everything
Applied shine

On the macro you can see that the gloss flows a little bit into the folds, in life this is completely invisible.

In general, I love Victoria's Secret sparkles for their gloss, durability and pleasant girlish smells. The price is also quite affordable. These sparkles remind me of the very Lancome Juicy Tubes with their mouth-watering smells and textures.
Term of use: month
Price: 350 rub
Rating: 4