Loreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Blemisch Balm for fair-skinned

The photo:

Detailed opinion: Cream of a liquid consistency of white color with dark grains. Grains are felt, but they do not bother me. When applying the cream, the grains melt and the white cream turns into a foundation in color. On the whole face you need a bit of cream, it is well applied and distributed. The texture seemed to me very light, like a tonal fluid. It hides redness well (you can see from the photo below), evens out skin tone, does not emphasize peeling, does not dry skin. The cream itself should, judging by the description, suit fair-skinned girls and adapt to the skin tone, on me it is a tone darker than my face skin.
Persistence was not pleasant, on a sunny day, the skin of the face in 3-4 hours already begins to shine, and by the end of the day the cream is almost invisible, it seems to disappear in places. I wear it if you need somewhere quickly and not for long to run out, to the store, for example, put a bit on my face, distribute it and forward. In a tube of 30 ml, a shelf life of 12 months.

Price: 12 €
Test period: about 3 months
Thanks and all the best ...

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