Splat Love Toothpaste - Good Morning Also

Hello, beauties!
After the holidays, it is especially difficult to tune in to the need to get up before 12:00. But you have two days to rest ... Therefore, I decided to talk about toothpaste, whose taste and romantic mood helps to recover quickly.
It's about SPLAT Love toothpaste.

The manufacturer states: "SPLAT Love Sparkling Raspberry Toothpaste with natural active ingredients contains a unique extract of Japanese banana seeds - a plant that is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, inhibits the growth of cariogenic microorganisms and prevents the formation of caries.
Round polishing particles gently whiten the enamel and make it smooth and shiny. A special component of licorice is a natural sweetener that has anti-inflammatory effects and protects against the herpes simplex virus. Natural disaccharide allows you to keep your breath fresh for a long time, preventing the formation of volatile sulfur compounds, which are one of the causes of an unpleasant odor. "
As a weekly active user of the product, I can say that I did not notice the whitening effect. Refreshes well, although the taste and aroma are very restrained. But about the raspberries ... Something like it, well, like a tube)) But given the assortment of pastes "for adults" is very buzzing.
And now the composition: active ingredients: Japanese perilla seed extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, natural disaccharide, lysozyme, sodium lauryl sarcosinate.
SPLAT paste Love does not contain fluorine, lauryl sulfate, triclosan, chlorhexidine, saccharin.

Manufacturer: Russia.
Cost: 170 rub. for 75ml.
Consumption: Depends on the “generosity” of extrusion. But it foams very well.
Abrasive particles: present, however, are not felt. I would not recommend sensitive teeth.
Good morning everyone! And sweet kisses))

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