Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good day, Beauties!

Full name of varnish: Dior Vernis Rose Aristocrate No. 386
Detailed opinion: After reading this multi_words post, I got the idea to do something similar! To begin with, I was puzzled by the search for broths! Bypassing five stores, I found! A set of 12 colors for 450 re :) I’ve bought it with pleasure! Then it came down to the choice of varnish ... Since this summer there were only bright varnishes in my collection, my choice fell on the calm and delicate shade of Rose Aristocrate No. 386 from Dior.
I will dwell briefly on the characteristics of the varnish: texture - clean cream, dries to dry very quickly - 3-5 minutes, shade - gently lilac with mother of pearl, durability (including a nail with broths) - 4 days without question (with top from Orly), quality - excellent, does not strip and in one layer, in 2 so generally gorgeous!
I applied the base in one layer, then in two layers I applied varnish to all nails except the nameless one. Pre-mixed three colors of the broths: lilac, pink, bright purple and silver. Silver turned out to be much larger than the rest. And as practice has shown, in my opinion, it turned out to be superfluous in color. Then she did this: she applied the second layer of varnish tightly on the ring finger and poured half of the broth onto the ring finger over the hairspray cap. Then she pressed a little, let it dry for about 5 minutes and covered completely toenail from Orly. Then she did the same with her second hand. That's what happened, I stand on your court!

And finally, a macro of a ring finger:

There is one significant minus - it is very difficult to wash the broths later! She even scratched the nail plate, then had to be polished to bring it into a divine form. Maybe something was wrong?
I would be glad to hear opinions on combining the colors of broths! As I wrote above, I think that silver is superfluous ...
Price: about 1000 rubles in RG on a gold card
Rating: 5+

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