Puppet handsome or varnish Diva 051

Hello everyone!) The other day I bought myself a beautiful pink varnish from a cheap company Diva. This is not my first varnish of this company (second), the first left a good impression, so I decided to purchase the second, especially of such a beautiful “Barbie” color)

Full name of varnish:
Diva cosmetics 051
Detailed opinion:
The hatch immediately attracted me with its color (in general, the pink gamut for nails is my favorite), and without hesitation I grabbed it, especially since I had long wanted for myself that color of varnish) Creamy, glossy finish and no shimmer or sparkles. The color is so girly, puppet) Of course it streaks into the first layer, the second layer covers everything, but on some nails, if you look closely, you can not see much of the overgrown tip. It dries a little, at the base in two layers, with a drying fixer ... I painted it in the evening, and in the morning there were traces of bed linen, so I hastened to cover it with another layer of fixative. I can’t say for sure about the durability of the varnish itself, because I always wear them with a fixative, and they stay with me for 4 days or more, but his brother, who was with me before him, kept on the nails of day 2, then he started to chip.
By the way, “ACTIVE CALCIUM” is written on the bubble, but we will not pay attention to it, especially looking at its composition)

About 10 UAH = somewhere 1 euro
5 (everything is forgiven for color =))
I’m Julia, to me on "you")

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