Gentle, Gentle - Cherie Ma Cherie Eclat Parfait (shade 403 Violet)

This concealer for the eye areaappeared in my cosmetic case absolutely by accident, I was seduced by the low price and a cute box. I took a shade that, according to the manufacturer's promises, should level redness. I offer my opinion and evaluation of this product. :)
Here is the box on top:

Concealer package: directly multi-colored balls, among which are pink, purple, white and golden and a strange fabric sponge that cannot be used to apply this product.Instead of an incomprehensible sponge, I use a brush from Mary Kay, designed for applying shadows Texture the products are light and gentle, so it is not difficult to apply a thin layer. The concealer is easily typed on the brush, but it is not very easy to pass from it to the skin. The concealer has a lot of reflective particles, which, fortunately, do not look like sparkles. The radiance is rather delicate, not bright. I will not say that I am a fan of sparkling products, therefore I treat this product with caution, I apply the thinnest layer. In makeup, at the same time as highlighter, I would not use it, after all, this is too much. The product has no smell. Here's what the balls in the box look like under different lighting conditions:
In the bright sunIn the daylight in partial shadeOn flash
Swatch on hand was not easy to do, it was not the first time to catch this translucent substance)But the best demonstration of the tool is, of course, in action, so I’ll move on to it.
To begin with, I will show you how my area around the eyes looks without corrective means.
I can’t say that I have any global problems, but still there is a noticeable red-blue, it is especially noticeable in the inner corners of the eye.
So my eyes look after meeting with the concealer.
Do you see the change? I practically do not! Maybe only the redness in the corner has gone a little, and then not completely. From this we can conclude that the tool is ineffective. Slightly highlights the eyes, but again, to a very small extent. General image using concealer:
In addition, the obvious minus is how the tool behaves during a flashThere are not even comments needed!
Total: the tool turned out to be practically unnecessary, but it did not disappoint me much, since I did not expect much)
My mark: 3 (and even with a stretch, for a nice package)
Price: about 250 rub.
Test period: a week.
Thank you for your attention! :)

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