Introducing Jessica Varnishes

After watching the posts and having read laudatory reviews of Jessica varnishes, I decided that I also need to get acquainted with this brand and here they are, voila!

All shades from the main collection, the volume of all 14, 8 ml.
My opinion about everyone and photos.
Jessica "Bazaar" # 344
Cherry red cream shade, dense cream and in one layer looks good, but I wear at least 2, and the color is so juicier. The varnish is plastic, does not streak, does not bald, is evenly distributed over the nail, has its own excellent gloss. A comfortable brush, not thin, not thick, in comparison with the OPI brush is a little denser, but also very comfortable and perfectly draws a smile line.
The 2nd layer dries for 15-20 minutes, is worn for 5 days.

Jessica "Merlot" # 290
Red wine cream shade, write on the site.
In my opinion, it is still a medium density jelly consistency than a cream, with excellent gloss and firmness! A beautiful wine shade, redder than Cherrywood # 234, applied 3 layers, in 2 it is more diluted and transparent red, but also beautiful. Otherwise, like the shade described above, resistance is a week. When removed, it is not smeared on the fingers, the nail does not stain.
A white spot on the little finger - a nail defect unfortunately ...
The photo in the nails reflects everything outside the window, the blue sky and yellow houses ... I just saw it, funny)))).

Jessica "Cherrywood" # 234
A rich dark cherry cream shade, write in the description.
According to my feelings, this is a medium density cream jelly, with excellent gloss and firmness! In dim light it looks so deep, maroon, in bright light the clear color of red wine. I applied 3 layers, although it is quite possible to get by with two. As well as the shades above, it does not strip, does not bald, is evenly distributed over the nail.
Persistence week, when removing the nail does not stain, but spreads well on the finger, I use disks more than usual, this fact is not a significant drawback for me.

After analyzing my makeup bag for such tones, I discovered the absolute clone OPI Got the Blues for red NL W52 about which I wrote here. the only difference is that OPI is a thick cream, and Jessica "Cherrywood" # 234 is still cream jelly, but I like them both))))
Comparison on a camomile:
1. Jessica "Bazaar" # 344
2. Jessica "Merlot" # 290
3. OPI Got the Blues for red NL W52
4. Jessica "Cherrywood" # 234

To summarize: I ordered all Jessica varnishes on the Internet, according to the description of the shades, which I wanted to replenish my varnish bins)))) therefore it was not possible to compare them with each other, but for all their similarity, I am happy with everyone and will be happy to use it, t .to. each is beautiful in its own way!
My rating, everyone, excellent!
Each bought 400 rubles.

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