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On the photo there is no Sisley Pain de Toilette Facial Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar - Cleansing "bread" with tropical resins without soap, but it also takes part in the post.

Hello! Glad to join you
Previously, I used only luxury products in my care, believing that the more you pay, the better the result. But discovering the Beautician, I saw a lot of products from pharmacy and budget care cosmetics, which are also presented in this post and which helped my skin a lot.
I'll tell you about my skin: I am 25 years old. The skin is oily in the t-zone, on the nose since adolescence a bunch of black dots, on the wings of the nose there is a small rosacea. There are bruises under the eyes. My cheeks are normal, but recently they and the oval of the chin just sprinkled with covered comedones. In this connection, I decided to introduce acids in my usual care. So let's get started
The first stage of purification:
1. Loreal Dermo-Exspertise - Trio Active Soft Eye Makeup Remover
To begin with, I never wash makeup off my eyes with a cleanser. Sensitive eyes, and I also wear lenses. Therefore, I always wash off the mascara with similar means (I do not use two-phase ones, I do not like the texture).
This product gently removes makeup, does not irritate, does not pinch, smells pleasant with something sweet, the jar is compact, convenient to take with you somewhere, but after it I wash my eyes with washing products.
Price: 180 rubles in the store Girlfriend
Term of use: 1, 5 months
Rating: 5 (bought and will buy)
2. Gel for washing L'oreal Trio-Active - Gel-mousse Balancing for normal and mixed skin
It is a very liquid gel with a pleasant fresh smell. This smell reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious. I wash them only in the evening after removing makeup from the eyes. Why the remedy is called gel mousse, I do not understand. There is absolutely no mousse there, and the product itself foams very poorly. After it, the skin is clean, but not to creak. There is a feeling of tightness. The second time I will definitely not buy
Price: 169 rubles in the store Girlfriend
Term of use: half a year intermittently
Rating: 4
3. Natura Siberica - Cleansing Foaming Mousse for Washing oily and combination skin
I have an ambiguous attitude to the products of the brand of Natura Siberica. Face creams do not like them. But this foam captivated me
I use it in the mornings and evenings, when I do not paint, because she will not wash off her makeup. Threefold pressing of a pump forms the most gentle weightless fragrant foam. That is the exact amount needed on my face. It doesn’t dry my skin at all, but it’s very nice to envelop it. In the morning cheers me up. It is not economical, but for me it is a plus because I like to try new things. Its only minus is the pump mechanism. You need to make an effort to squeeze the foam. But on the other hand, a kind of simulator.
Price: 120 rubles in the store Girlfriend
Term of use: 1,5 months
Rating: 5 (buy more)
4. Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm With Rosewood - Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood Essential Oil
I bought it in a fit of passion for cosmetics Darphin and under the influence of many posts on the Beautician. The balm itself is a soft, oily substance of honey color. I use it as follows: I pick up a small drop with a spoon and put it on my finger. It immediately begins to melt and turns into a liquid oil. When interacting with water, it is transformed into white milk.
The product rinses cosmetics well, smells pleasantly with milk and honey, moisturizes the skin and “warms” in the cold season. The disadvantage of this balm for me is the packaging. Firstly, tired in the evening, I don’t really want to bother with the can and make sure that no matter how water gets into it. It’s easier for me to use tubes. Secondly, the manufacturer did not put a spoon for scooping the product, and without it it is inconvenient to use it. For me, this thing is a pleasant pampering and no more
Price: 2500 rub. on
Term of use: 11 months
Rating: 5
5. Sisley Pain de Toilette Facial Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar - Cleansing “bread” with tropical resins without soap
I bought this remedy after the stunning results of the author of this post, hoping to get rid of acne, comedones and black spots forever, as well as reduce pores. I use it several times a week. It dries acne, does not have any pronounced smell, after using it, the skin is slightly tightened. I have not yet seen impressive results, I will continue to use it in the hope that the product will justify its rather considerable price.
Price: 2295 rub - 25% = 1721.75 in Ильle de bote
Term of use: 2 months
Rating: 4
6. Sponge for the face from natural marine spongy plants QVS
Cellulose sponge came in a set of 2 pieces. I use it every day, day and evening, along with all the means for washing. For me, just an irreplaceable thing.
Price: 159 rub in store girlfriend
Term of use: 2 months
Rating: 5+++++
We turn to toning:
7. Avene Cleanance Lotion-Toner Purifying, Mattifying - Cleansing Matting Biphasic Toning Lotion
Since my skin is prone to oily T-zone, I need a good remedy for matting and to reduce the secretion of sebum. This tonic helps me in this. It is a little water with a powder layer, which must be shaken before use and thereby stirred. I use it only in the morning, because this agent dries the skin.
Price: 601 rub. at a discount in a network of drugstores "Samson Pharma"
Term of use: 2.5 months
Rating: 5
8. Michel Laboratory Stopproblem - Salicylic Lotion for Oily Skin
The well-known "Star Beauticians". Transparent, smelling sour water. Perfectly cleans, dries acne, removes oily sheen. I will buy many, many more times! In stock is the second bottle)
Price: 50 rub
Term of use: 1,5 months
Rating: 5+++++
Moisturizing, care:
9. Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum - Moisturizing Serum for the protection and radiance of the skin
I had various Chanel makeup products, and I really liked them for their quality and design. Having decided to try something from the care cosmetics of this brand, I was counting on a good result.
The product has a very liquid texture and a pleasant light smell, but over time I began to feel notes of alcohol in the aroma. This serum completely spoiled my whole skin. After using it, all my cheeks and temples were covered with comedones, she clogged all my pores.
I applied it in the summer only in the mornings, gave her a few chances, and when my skin came to a very poor state, I stopped using it. Even now, I don’t know where to adapt it. For myself, I concluded that Chanel is far from a leader in makeup products, I probably will not try anything else from this line.
Price: 80 Euro in duty free
Term of use: 2 months
Rating: 2
10. Darphin Arovita Eye And Lip Contour Gel - Cream-gel for the contour of the eyes and lips
This cream has a very light gel texture, it smells very nice in colors, it is instantly absorbed, it does not roll under makeup, it moisturizes the skin, it does not pinch and does not cause allergies. The volume of the product is large 30 ml. It is consumed slowly. I did not notice any visible effect on the wrinkles. I don’t use it for lips. In general, it’s just cream like cream. I want to find some really effective tool for the area around the eyes. If you know, share
Price: 2650 rub. - 25% = 1987.5 rubles. in Ильle de bote
Term of use: 8 months
Rating: 4
11. Darphin Overnight Refining Lotion - Nightly Restoring Lotion
This product was also purchased during the period of the passion for the Darphin brand. It is designed to combat imperfections. I apply overnight on the whole face a couple of times a week. It dries out small pimples, brightens the acne, and slightly tightens the pores. Apparently, all the same, I had too high hopes for this lotion, but he did not justify them, since he is powerless in the fight against comedones and inflamed acne, so I will continue my search.
Price: 1480 rub. - 25% = 1110 rub. in Ильle de bote
Term of use: 1 year
Rating: 4+
12. Exfoliac Acnomega 100 - Exfoliac Acnomega 100 Cream
I use this acid supplement a couple of times a week. It has some unpleasant sour smell, and for me the aroma of the funds is important. The first time after using this cream, I woke up with a forehead sprinkled with small acne, after which I can not put it on my forehead. I expected the cream to reduce the number of black spots, help in the fight against the shine of the face and even out the skin, but as a result I did not see any special results.
Price: 550 rub at a discount in a network of drugstores "Samson Pharma"
Term of use: 6 months
Rating: 3
13. Exfoliac Facial scrub - Exfoliac Exfoliating Gel with AHA
I just love this gel! He helped me even out my complexion, get rid of comedones, reduce pores, and reduce the number of black spots on my nose. I used it in a course of 30 minutes 10 days in a row, then once a week for 15 minutes and then scrubbed and washed off. I will buy more and more many, many times!
Price: 550 rub at a discount in a network of drugstores "Samson Pharma"
Term of use: 1 month
Rating: 5+++++
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