Serum pour ongles mava-Flex Nail Serum by Mavala. Serum for nails. Means that gave me nothing

Good day!
I want to tell you about such a thing as Serum pour ongles mava-Flex Nail Serum from Mavala. Serum for nails.

A well-balanced concentrate for restoring and maintaining the flexibility of dry or too hard nails (from the manufacturer).
Serum is proposed to be applied twice a week to nails without varnish.
The product has a transparent liquid texture with a slight smell. I can’t say exactly what it is, I can’t describe it, but definitely pleasant, not chemical. Ordinary brush - long thin, not fluffy. It is quite convenient to use. In a bottle of 10 ml. For almost 1.5 years of use, I used up no more than half the bottle. It is quite economical. It lays on the nails like a transparent varnish, only a little more liquid. Within 2-4 minutes after application, it remains on the nails, after this time, the product dries and nothing remains on the nails. Does not form a greasy film. If in liquid state it gets on clothes - leaves no traces.

I am the owner of years of exfoliating nails, thin, brittle. I did not notice any special changes on myself.
Term of use: since the beginning of winter 2011 (1.5 years);
Rating: 3 (no longer buy)
Cost: a gift, came in one box with hand cream - the price is something about 1000 rubles

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