OPI Nail Lacquer Reviews

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Full name of varnish: OPI Nail Lacquer Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous NL Z18
Detailed opinion:
"... Neva dressed in granite;
Bridges hung over the waters;
Dark green gardens
Its islands were covered ... "

It was these lines that came to my mind when I saw this handsome man! Lead gray, deep, bewitching glitter with green and lilac shimmer.
Under certain lighting conditions, the shimmer becomes distinctively green, and the varnish acquires a graphite green hue, in sunlight the shimmer goes into lilac, and the color of the varnish changes accordingly :) In the shade we see the same granite lead-gray. In short, the play of color accompanies me all day
* brush - the classic OPI wide brush.
* texture - glitter, quite liquid, but does not flow over the cuticle.
* application - one layer is slightly uneven, and the smile line does not overlap, it is better to apply two layers.
* dries - pretty fast! the first layer is already dry, while I finish covering the second hand. If you apply a second dense layer, then you need another 20 minutes with drying.
* finish - a little satin, I correct this moment with top-drying from Orly.
* resistance - for me it is standard 3 days, then the tips are overwritten.
* washed off - in general, like all glitters, with a foil without difficulties.
Swatch (the sun, unfortunately, did not have time to catch):

Electric light:

Daylight Plus Flash:

I apologize for not being in focus, but only in this way was able to catch both shades of the shimmer:

Price: about 300 rubles for gold in the RG
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