Good and bad: Etude House Face Designing Brightener vs Essence Sun Club highlighter powder

Hi girls!
Today I will show you my two highlighters Etude House Face Designing Brightener and Essence Sun Club highlighter powder

I invite everyone to cat

So, to my shame I’ll say that before I started reading to the Beautician, I didn’t know about any highlighters, what they are for, and how to use them. And even more so, I didn’t think that I needed this
But, having read the posts and seen enough beautiful photos (this post was the last straw), I went hunting for the highlighter. I didn’t catch the Essence limit, but at the stand I noticed another powder highlighter from the permanent collection. There was no tester - and I decided. For that kind of money I didn’t even think much.
Essence Sun Club highlighter powder 01 summer glow
Loose powder in a jar in the store, as it seemed to me, has a beautiful pearl overflow. Inside the jar there is a small mirror on the lid and a small puff for application. By the way, I got a jar defective. It doesn’t smell very good with some chemistry and cheap powder. In sotava - silicone

In fact, it turned out that the powder as if it consisted of a pink-golden shimmer, when incandescence, could scatter all over the face. At the same time, they are so clearly visible on the face that I felt like a Christmas tree toy and I had to cover this mess of toned powder in order to somehow rectify the situation.
We look at the photo:
on the face, daylight. Since the camera is already an honored pensioner (+ powder. A lot of matting powder), it was not possible to catch the full scale of the catastrophe. A photo where all the "beauty" is clearly visible simply turned out to be blurry from the abundance of brilliant, and from a different angle in the photo, this powder turned out to be even nothing
here it was possible to catch a little sparkle in focus.
On the hand it turned out much more clearly:
And here is the whole Christmas tree joy in electric lighting:

Perhaps someone likes and suits this effect, but certainly not for me. The impression is not well-groomed and highlighted skin, but as if I escaped from the Brazilian carnival.
Price: about 180 rubles
Period of use: 1 time and I don’t want anymore!
Rating: 1

Etude House Face Designing Brightener
She turned out to be with me after disappointment in the first product, and began to look for something more worthy. And since shopping is often not enough time, I looked in online stores. Fortunately, most of the products that I looked at have already been tested by beauticians, so it was not so difficult to decide whether I needed a particular product or not. But I bought one that I did not find a review about. I really liked this highlighter of Korean descent. I had to navigate by the recall on the seller’s website (which I personally do not particularly trust). And now, I have this highlighter!

Packing of dark purple plastic, without sponge or puff inside, but with a mirror. Opens at 180 degrees. The design of the powder itself was also pleased.
The powder is densely pressed, however, a sufficient amount of product is collected on the brush without any problems. It does not have a shimmer, at least a pronounced one. It smells of something sweet-berry, but the smell is not strong, if you do not bring the powder to the nose - I personally do not smell at all. And now what came out on the face:

Then I really noticed the effect of the glow, without the shimmer. In my opinion, sparkles - such as those of Essence, are inappropriate in everyday makeup, and the beauty Etude House can be worn for work and for a holiday. I would call the effect satin. Happy as an elephant!
Price: 890 rub
Duration of use: 3 days
Rating: 5 +++

On hand, compared to Essence:
left - Etude House, right - Essence
The photo shows very clearly that Etude House is almost white in color, without a shimmer, denser texture with a noble satin glow, and Essence is more transparent, with a lot of shimmer (which, by the way, was held on my hand for a long time)
applied fatter:
with flash:

Thank you for your attention, I hope it was useful
Have a nice day and good mood!

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