Autumn? or winter? help determine the color type

I don’t understand how you do it ...
About myself:
The native hair color is the one in the photo. It is almost black in the shade, it shines red in the sun.
Skin with a yellow undertone, tan quickly and strongly. Eye color is dark brown, a slightly greenish tint is visible in the light, almost black under electric light.
I think that pastel colors and too bright colors do not suit me. When I chose a photo for the post, I realized that most of my things are gray, black, dark blue and green.)
I prefer blush with shades of red. e.g. Givenchy Le prisme Blush Bucolique 2 Bucolic Poppy
If you need any more information, I’ll add.
Well, the photo:
there is almost no makeup. Eyelashes are just a little bit made up.

eye color at the window, daylight

Here you can see a red shade of hair in the sun

And in different clothes:

about five years ago dyed her hair in blue-black

and face:

I really look forward to your answers, advice ...

Watch the video: What's your season? Seasonal color analysis. Justine Leconte (February 2020).