Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm Reviews

I looked towards Juicy Tubes, as decided not to buy sparkles anymore. But then the eye fell on Clarins balm and I chose it.
Here you and glossy shine, and care. 2 in 1.
An unusually long tube. At first, everything turned him in his arms.
On the hand:
Shining particles are noticeable. I think that they are just responsible for the glare. Thanks to them, the lips visually become more voluminous.
Moreover, it is really a balm. It feels like he cares for the skin. The lips after him are soft, delicate, smooth.
It smells like sweet cherry. Holds on the lips a decent time. Usually balms disappear, I do not even have time to come to work. And this one is still there. Persistence somewhere 2.5 - 3 hours.
Lips without balm:
In the shadow:
Such a natural, everyday shade. A working option, so to speak.
In the sun:

The manufacturer also recommends applying the balm in the center of the lips. I did it in every way.
On top of lipstick:

Convenient, wearable balm in a hygienic format. It sits easily on the lips, it is pleasant to wear it. Perhaps I will continue our acquaintance and try some other shade.
Duration of use: 2 weeks
Price: £ 15 (15ml)
Rating: 5

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