YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Lip Balm Crystal Color - reviews

Good afternoon, beauties! I want to show you my slightly belated purchase - Yves Saint Laurent Lip Balm
For some reason, at the beginning of summer, I did not pay any attention to him, and only in September, walking around the store in search of “something like that”, I realized that I just needed a balm! But, as they say, better late than never. And now I'm writing a post about him, maybe someone just like me, skipping it in the summer, will mature for purchase now
I don’t use lipsticks, because I think that bright lips just don’t suit me, unfortunately, glosses often irritate me with their stickiness, ordinary balms are completely invisible, so I have long wanted to find a “lipstick” (I mean a stick), which could to replace the sticky gloss and at the same time give at least some effect of presence on the lips. In general, I was looking, frankly, for some shade of nude (there was a bad experience with Givenchy voluptuous nude 26), but I came across YSL and I decided to try it.
Detailed opinion: It is worth starting with a case. He’s sooo beautiful, at least I think so! Metallic, all so shiny, with a pink rim and gold letters. It’s just nice to hold in your hands. Since it is still a balm, not a lipstick, it is perfect for daily use, and it is doubly pleasant to always carry it with you and use during the day.
In fact, the balm is colorless, there is only a small shimmer, which gives the lips a nice moist glow. Does not overlap the natural shade of the lips. True, maybe he highlights them a little, but it's hard for me to judge, since my lips themselves are already light ... Maybe someone tried and noticed this effect?
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
It was extremely difficult to catch him on the arm ...
One of the main advantages for me is that it is completely non-sticky!
The balm is very pleasant on the lips. When it touches the lips, it feels like it is melting ... Very delicate, delicate. After 2-3 hours, it gradually erases, but leaves somehow unnoticed;) It does not flow in the corners, there is no glitter, nothing. Only a slight radiance is preserved.
It has a very pleasant aroma, although this is not for everybody ... I generally like the smell of cosmetics. It is very rare that I find fault with the smell, but reading the posts, I noticed that many people write this down.
As I said, I don’t use lipsticks, but it seems to me that this balm will be good if you put it on the lipstick, then it will give this shine effect, but without too much stickiness and a thick layer, as happens when using shine.
Well, now the photo
Bare lips
And with a balm

And the image as a whole, to better understand how it all looks
My rating: 5
Price: 24.50 Euro
Testing period: a little less than a month
Thank you all for your attention! Hope it was helpful!

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