Gotaiyo: Kumo - seaweed herbal soap

I really love lump soap and constantly try something new, discover new manufacturers.
This time I will tell you about Japanese soap:
Gotaiyo: Kumo - seaweed herbal soap.
Gotayo: Kumo - moisturizing lumpy soap "Seaweed".
Transparent film with two labels on both sides. The drawing around the name of the soap corresponds to the type of soap - so, on my face, algae are drawn.
The most interesting thing about this soap is its appearance. The upper half of the bar is translucent, light turquoise. In the lower half - pieces of opaque blue soap shavings, randomly sketched, creating a picture that looks like waves. Honestly, in the store I paid attention to this soap with algae precisely because of its appearance - it is very beautiful!
In general, the Gotaiyo Kumo line has many different types of soaps with different additives and aromas, they all differ greatly in appearance, there are also such types: Perilla, Remania, Licorice, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo Charcoal, Vorobeynik, Rhodiola, Tea Tree, Aloe, Rose, Akhirantes. Each type contains different additives, has a different aroma and has a different effect.
The aroma.
Soap has a very unusual aroma - it is difficult to determine in a nutshell, it is complex. It smells of marine freshness at the same time, with strong salty notes, and something slightly sweet, and with something obviously plant. The aroma is saturated and bright, it remains on the skin after washing for some more time. In general, such an intense and interesting fragrance is more common even for perfumes than for soap - such a brackish-fresh aroma, quite unisex. But I like it - I generally really like lumpy soap, the most different and the smells too. By the way, still do not forget that soap is a Japanese brand, and Asians have a very interesting perception of smells that differs from Europeans. I sniffed in the store other pieces of soap from this series - they all smell interesting and unusual enough.
Features of use and effect.
The soap is well suited both for washing hands and for washing the body, for the face I have not tried to use it. Lathers well and gives a thick foam. Cleans perfectly, while the skin does not dry, vice versa, the manufacturer claimed hydration due to extracts of algae and vegetable oils.
Weight: 125 grams.
Price: about 100 rubles in a chain of stores of Japanese cosmetics and household chemicals.
Test period: more than a month (soap is almost over).

Thanks for attention!

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